Tuesday, 30 April 2013

carpet burn

I miss you.  I am in my panties and a tshirt, propped up in a king size bed on piles of pillows.  I am trying to write but sleepy with wine and distance.  Planes are roaring over me.  I have to be up early.

Do you remember that time, right before a dinner banquet during a conference, that you ordered me down onto my knees on the thick hotel carpet and shoved your cock into me?  I went to dinner with carpetburn stinging my knees under the table.  That was early in our play, before we had our roles so well defined. 

I miss you enormously.

I miss you and I wish I was with you in your lonely hotel room by the airport.  We'd stay up and look at dirty pictures online, order drinks, room service, smoke out on the balcony or go out and duck planes while they roar overheard.  We'd steam till we were raw in the hot, hotel shower and make the windows all foggy.  I'd take you on the nice, tall kingsize bed that's the perfect height or the thick, plus hotel carpet that's never had any contact with pet hair.

Today I missed our parcel delivery, but tomorrow I'll be home to greet it.  Won't do us much good till you're back, though maybe I can talk dirty to you on the phone and describe our prizes if we're not too exhausted in the evening.

Sleep tight, my darling.  I love you.

Monday, 29 April 2013

mirror mirror

You placed my hands on my head and told me to leave them there. You kissed me and undressed me.  When you slid a finger inside my bra cup, folding it down to expose my breast, I felt like panting.  Your cool finger touched my nipple so briefly.
You directed me to put my hands on that dresser. (That old reclaimed mirrored vanity has gotten a lot of mentions here. I really should refinish it someday.). I bent at the waist, looking at my tits hanging down, praying you'll reach forward and touch them.  You ran one cool hand down my shoulder to my ass like you were inspecting a racehorse.  

You bent your knees to nudge the head of your cock into me from behind.  I couldn't stop looking at us fucking in that mirror, but my eyes kept sliding closed too. Your thrusts jostled my breasts around.  You looked at me and praised my ass, told me it was gorgeous.  You wrapped my hair around your fist and told me how beautiful my hair was.  I was so close to orgasm it was almost unbearable but I couldn't quite get there with our reflections staring at us.

You moved me to the bed and I came almost instantly, arching my back up and silently begging for you to handle my tits.

Our recently acquired vintage dresser with a large, curved mirror sits next to the side of the bed at mattress level.  Perfect for watching ourselves while we fuck. 

I had you place your hands on your head while you stood by the bed in your panties and shirt and bra.  I cupped your breasts and took them out of your bra and put my lips on them.  I unhooked your bra and pulled your shirt over your head and leaned you over the dresser.

Your were wet and your breasts swayed marvelously in the mirror as I grabbed your hips and thrust inside you. Our  bedside lamp was on, and this was enough for us to see one another clearly.  I'm so hot for every inch of you and seeing you in the mirror while we fuck is such a turn on. 
You lie on your back on the bed and it's not long before you're coming.  I follow soon after.  While we're getting ready for bed you look at the mirror and you mention it's about time we cleaned it up, removed the old stickers from the previous owner.  I think by now we've made it officially our own.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mail ordered

I hope our dirty sex shop package comes in the mail tomorrow!

Last night I was in the tub when you got home. You came in and talked to me while I finished up.

I shed my robe and got naked, and jokingly put your tie on while I helped you get undressed. I held your cock in my mouth like that, kneeling in front of you.

I really hope we get that package in the post tomorrow, before I go out of town.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

sit still

You told me to sit still.  You told me not to move and not to make any noise.

When you told me this I was already all worked up. We were flirty and tactile all evening leading up to bed. I had gotten into bed before you and had the duvet up to my nose while you watched me watch you get undressed.  We had kissed and petted and your cock was pressed up against my hip while you plucked at my nipples.

Sitting still while you pushed into me was difficult and I was very motivated to get to orgasm.  Laying there choosing to be helpless was frustrating and when I did finally come you were chiding me for making noise with your beard stubble rasping at my throat.

Afterwards we read through some spicy material again and I was thrilled to feel your cock was hard again even still damp from my body but we were too tired for a second round.  You're due home any minute now and I can't wait to ruffle your work clothes all up.

We get into bed and I direct you to sit cross-legged and lube up my cock and start jerking me off.  There's something twisted and sexy when you oblige me by servicing me in this matter-of-fact way.  Rubbing my cock or starting out by kneeling and taking me in your mouth like it's simply one of your expected duties and not an unpleasant one at that. 

I'm soon ready to take you fully and you lie back and I give you direction to lay there, submissively, and take your husband's cock.  Tonight your pleasure is an afterthought.  You may come (I say) if you are inclined, but that is peripheral to me taking you as I see fit, doing what I may with your body.  I stress that you making noise or any show of pleasure will result in discipline and ask if that's fair.  You nod that it is fair.
You squirm slightly as your orgasm builds.  I'm servicing your nipples and angling my shaft against your pubic bone, stimulating your clit with my as I move in and out slightly.  You shudder and your pussy pulses and I'm pleased with your self-control.  You're a a good, submissive wife tonight.  You've earned another come, and I turn you over and this time you'll do all the work.  I love watching your ass work frantically while I'm inside you.  Again, you come and I follow with my own orgasm, emptying into your willing, wet, beautiful cunt that I love so dearly.

Friday, 26 April 2013


Last night you came and came and came. And you were on your back and the angle was just right and you moaned and your pussy tightened and I knew you were coming again and this time you gushed beautifully. You ejaculate occasionally, and it's always with intense orgasms. Afterwards you have that "spent" exhaustion. I always feel good when you do because you seem so absolutely content.

When you are kneeling over me with your cock inside me, straddling me, our bodies at a 90 degree angle, the angle of your cock feels like you are rearranging me from the inside. Whether I'm on my back or on my front, when you lean your body away like that it feels like you are stirring the cauldron of my belly.

It's a full, overwhelming feeling less focused and yet more intense than direct clitoral stimulation.

Last night I have those last few minutes burned into my brain. I was flat on my back, your knees were on either side of my thighs, your cock sliding in and out of me. That blunted, building pressure inside me as all my pelvic muscles strained. I had already come twice and pinned like that, I felt like a butterfly species sample pinned to a card.

As I got unbearably close you were swinging in and out of me while I gripped your thighs and with a little rasp of your beard on my tits I felt like I would come apart. I remember my eyes flashed open and I lifted my head to where your body met mine like I couldn't believe the sensation. Like I expected to see gold sparks or something.

My orgasm was one of those violent, rushing, emptying ones that soaked us both, dripping onto the sheets even before you gushed your come into me.

Thursday, 25 April 2013



We spent the evening out in the cold drizzly weather, then cozied up at home with the laptop and some stimulating online shopping.  I did take a quick bath but the hot water wouldn't get hot and I was freezing when I got out. I left my hair wet and that didn't help.

When we went together into the bedroom we stood at the foot of the bed, making out a little and then you bent me over the bed without preliminaries.  I was shivering, I could feel the warmth of your body.  Your cock was hot against my skin. You were anxious to get inside me but I was cold and tense and could barely accept you in.  You stroked me and used that gruff, stern voice with me until your cock was in to the hilt.  You ordered me to strip and my leggings and t-shirt were immediately discarded.  I was still chilly but you laid me back on top of the cover and you warmed me with your body.

You put me through my paces. I kissed your feet. I slid your cock deep back in my mouth gently.  You had me in my back again and brought me to 9 (orgasm being 10) and then withdrew abruptly. That sudden emptiness is a shocking feeling.  You were directing me again to suck your cock, taste myself on you.

I think if you'd reached down and pinched my nipples then I would have come while sucking you.  

Our ending was hurried and intense, you were dressed and back out the door well before my heart rate got back to normal.  You leaned over me and tucked me in and kissed me, sprawled and boneless on the bed, and I watched you close the door behind you.  I fell asleep sprawled exactly as you left me.


Last night we were all worked up from browsing sex toys online.  We had a whole order lined up, then the shopping cart didn't work, so tonight we had to do it all again.  Came up with different toys, this time, go figure.  Looking forward to receiving our order next week.
You tended to my needs so thoroughly last night.  I bent you over our bed while we were both still dressed and pulled your leggings down just enough to press my cock inside you.  It was a little preliminary, but soon you were fully wet and we were warmed up.  I instructed you to strip, and we both shed our clothes and got fucking in earnest.  You licked my cock clean before I allowed your last orgasm.  You look so beautiful when we're fucking and especially when you come.  I love you so much, my darling.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

good wife

You had a lot to say last night. You talked about my body and my role and described how things felt.  You gave me a deadline to reach orgasm and overwhelmed me with biting and stroking how you'd whip a climax out of me if I didn't hurry up and come.  (I hurried.)
Then this evening at the coffee shop we talked about my underwear and what bedroom toys we're going to shop for.  We spent a while tonight looking online at all sorts of things. 

We made out in the coffee shop a little, with our red swivel chairs pulled close together.

I absolutely cannot wait to get upstairs with you tonight. 

We did some online shopping.  Exciting things to come.  It was super sexy to see you getting turned on by all the pervy stuff we checked out.  One item will lend itself to sexy out-of-house escapades.  You'll have a vibrator in your panties, I'll have a remote in my pocket.
Last night I was demanding and you were obliging, as it often suits us both.  You like a little pressure and you sucked me like a slut like I asked you to.  You came on command, like the good wife that you are.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

everyday sex


You steamed in the bath and you had your ponytail in place. I was sore and muscle tense from a stressful evening, and you undressed me. My sweater, tie, and shirt you folded over the desk chair. You helped me remove my trousers, pressing you cheek against my new, cotton boxer briefs. It was chilly and we climbed under the covers. We had straightforward, no-fuss sex and you came while I was on top of you and I soon followed. You stroked my back afterwards while I was still inside you and with each touch my tension eased.


1. It seems like every time I try to take a sexy picture, I have to crop either a toilet or a cat out of the background.  Or the cat, sitting on a toilet.
2. The last time there was no toilet, cat or toilet cat in the background, I took the picture before realizing there was a "I DRESSED LIKE THIS FOR UNITED WAY" sticker on the mirror I never got around to scraping off.
3. I have a crush on this one model in our file photo/clip art catalogue.  I don't like his happy pictures but when his keyword is "anxious" or "tired" I just want to climb into that word document and cheer him up.  Then I look at his "confident" keyword picture and remember why he never makes it into my final drafts.  Arrogant little prick.
4. I think the most arousing thing in the world is your orgasm, and yet I feel a little bit jealous when you masturbate even if I'm not home.
5. I almost bought you a kilt today at a vintage store, got aroused thinking about it, got embarrassed, and ended up buying a seersucker bow tie for my brother instead.  This happened over the course of about 5 minutes.
6. I wanted to have sex last night but I was really tired so I approached it like I approached my university education and decided that meeting the deadline was better than a late but wonderfully crafted paper and just did the best I could rather than putting it off until another day.  And it was totally great.  Guess what?  My sex GPA is AWESOME.  I'm going to crown myself valiDICKtorian. 
7. I want you to pick out some underwear for me because the underwear I find silliest are always the ones you find the hottest.  Similar note: I saved those nylons you shredded off my body a few weeks ago.  Can I ever wear them again?  Of course not.  But I washed them, hung them to dry, and saved them.
8. I was a little disappointed when after that work event, you told me the lady who pursues you aggressively wasn't there, because it turns me on when you tell me about it.  Even though it seems like she maybe grosses you out a little bit.
9. I'm going away next week for work, just for 2 days, and I'm already a little sulky about the sex downtime.  Last time I was in a creepy hotel for work I suspect I got a rash from the robe being too bleached, and I feel weird sleeping naked in a hotel bed like I do at home.

10. I keep my vibrator in a little flannel mitten I got from a hotel shoeshine kit.

Monday, 22 April 2013


You put your hair in a ponytail last night, as instructed to do this week. I watched your lips caress my cock. The side table lamp gave enough so I could see you easing along my shaft, no hair to hide behind. You've been getting braver these past weeks. Less shy about the lights. I guided you by grabbing hold your ponytail and positioning you with your face buried in the pillow. I took you from behind. Your beautiful ass slapping against me. You came as I caressed your breasts and nipples. As I finished you reached back, pulling me even tighter against you.

I put my hair into the highest, perkiest ponytail since I Dream Of Jeannie. You modeled your new underwear for me. I ran my face over your cock through the thick black cotton.

You left the little side lamp on while I took you into my mouth, your hand guiding my head with my ponytail. When you fucked me, you praised me for leaving the lights on more and more. I do love looking at you and it gets easier every day to let you look at me without feeling shy or squeezing my eyes shut.

My hair is still half wet right now, but when I go upstairs I will put it in a ponytail again. I already switched the side lamp on.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

narrow hallways

I had clean air dried hair last night from an early bath. We watched some TV before bed, staying up late. My hair felt especially soft and heavy hanging down my back as i undressed, peeling off my leggings and tank top. You were stretched out on the bed and suggested I start by sucking your cock while I was still taking off my bra.

Your cock was already half hard as I slid my lips down around you. My hair was spilling all over your lap and you moved it aside to watch me. My week's assignment this week, you told me, was to put my hair up into a ponytail to show you that I am ready to suck your cock so you can watch.

You hardened quickly in my mouth, your cock extending into the back of my throat as I held you gently. You were fondling my tits as you flexed in and out a little. You held my hair and praised me, told me I was a good wife.

You fucked me with that long hard cock, I came around you quickly, and then as you got close you asked where i wanted you to come. I requested somewhere on my skin, in my front where I could see it. You stroked in and out of me, getting very close before pulling out, kneeling over me, and stroking yourself until your semen spurted out over me, lashing my right breast and pooling around my belly before sliding down one side of my hip.

God I love watching you come. I came while your come was landing on me, my fingers pressing hard against my clit, rubbing that first spray around my nipple with the other hand.

I was surprised at the quantity considering we had already had sex that afternoon.

Today I was remembering it as you were getting ready to go and as you passed me in the narrow upstairs hallway, I pressed myself against you, touching your cock through your pants. I was hungry for you all afternoon. I can't wait to get at you tonight.

I bought you some new underwear today. I want you to try it on so I can take it off of you.

Last few nights you've been extra turned on and near climax in the first few minutes of our getting down to it. Probably because you've been in writing mode. Perks of being married to an erotica author!

While you were getting undressed I said I was going to let you suck my cock for awhile. You compliantly stripped and delved under the covers and moment later your lips held my cock and your teeth lightly brushed against my shaft, as per my preference.

Soon my cock was inside you. I thought I'd be back in your mouth momentarily, but as it worked out you came promptly with a little sucking of your nipples.

As reward for your devoted attentions, I let you choose how I was to come on you. You said you liked to see it. I obliged and my come trickled down your gorgeous belly and tits. I know this will be the latest fuel for your masturbation reel.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

double feature


You lay back and I kissed your beautiful glowing skin, touching on your delicious mound and tended to your nipples with my lips and very slight teeth.

You turned to your side and my cock was waiting for your mouth. We weren't hurried but we knew we could be interrupted at any moment.

Inside you, you came with my mouth alternating between your nipples. I came not long after, an intense orgasm, the kind that is warm and full and comes from our shorter sessions. You came once more after that and punctuated your orgasm by shooting my spent cock out comically.


Last night as I was getting undressed, we were talking about that curb-rescue old vanity. I love the big, cloudy mirror facing our bed. If we have some small light on or a candle lit, it reflects the light around.

I could see you reflected in that mirror as you knelt behind me, holding my ponytail as you fucked me. I came on command when you told me to.

Then this afternoon, you beckoned me upstairs. I knew we didn't have a lot of time.We covered all the bases. You hummed with surprise when you first touched my pussy because I was already wet. Things started to soften and swell as soon as you requested my presence in the bedroom.

We were initially taking ourselves quite erotically seriously but after you came, I was still close, and you nipped at my throat and breasts as I found that last bit of friction I needed to get off. My pussy squeezed down and you slipped out. We laughed in the slanting afternoon light, joking about the guest who overstays his welcome and is shown the door.

We fell asleep spooning, with the fronts of my naked legs pressed against the furred, muscular backs of your naked thighs.

Friday, 19 April 2013

between your thighs

I kissed your neck, your breasts, and your belly.  I kissed your thighs and rubbed your mound as I pressed my lips to your pussy. You were lightly moist as I traced you with my tongue, gently licked and sucked your clit. I slid a finger inside you. You came as I caressed your nipples, my tongue between your legs, and my cock ready for you.


Yesterday was an epic, busy day for both of us.  I was on my feet all day, I imagine you were too. I was out in the very north edges of the city for one meeting and had another appointment hours later in the south end.  I killed time in between lingerie shopping.
I wanted new bras but didn't find anything.  The only thing I found was another bodysuit, this one blush pink lace, soft and sheer with underwire bra cups.  (I wore it to work today, under my Friday jeans and tshirt, like a dirty little secret.)

I was exhausted, footsore, a little sweaty when it was bedtime.  You were in bed when I came in.  I stripped my jeans off while looking at you.  I unhooked my bra and threaded it off through my sleeve.  I walked toward the bed in my thin old tshirt and black panties.  My breasts were heavy, tingling with freedom after a long day of confinement.  I kneaded them through my shirt.  

As I lay down next to you, you rolled to me and stroked my nipples through my shirt. As you kissed me you slid your hand into my v-neck to pinch and tease my nipples.

You slid down my body, sliding my panties down and off and put your mouth on my pussy.  I just really needed to come, right then. I handled my own sensitive, aching breasts until ah god, there, finally, with your finger inside and your tongue outside.

My second orgasm was with your cock deep in my throat and my own fingers on my cunt as your hands were rough and precise on my tits.  You were biting out a graphic description of how my mouth and throat felt around your cock.
I don't remember if I came a third time during intercourse. I remember your orgasm though.

Thursday, 18 April 2013


Our sex plans were thwarted yesterday. So today's topic will be a throwback.

Pregnant sex was awesome. You were so gorgeous the whole time and your tits were incredible. It seemed extra dirty, which is great, and every stage along the way required different approaches. Different positions, different angles.

And your were horny. I didn't expect that. No one tells you that. You were constantly looking for me to put out and I happily obliged.

Position was the main difference. I supported myself more on my arms. We fucked doggy style more, or in our sides (what do you call that?)

For anyone who isn't doing it because their partner is pregnant, I suggest getting over it. Because if she's game she'll be REALLY game for it.

Last night I swore we'd have crazy acrobatic sex... and nobody had any kind of sex.

We got good at crazy acrobatic sex when I was pregnant. Everything was changing all the time. What felt great one day was all wrong the next. My breasts swelled up obscenely, firm and heavy. They were so tender at first. That was the time of missionary but with you holding yourself up off my jutting tits.

Then penetration had to be more gentle. That was a time of spooning with you reaching around to stroke me with your fingers.

Towards the end I was like a firm ripe fruit. I never lost my sex drive and by the end, many nights ended with me bent over the foot of the bed with you behind me.

But especially I remember the night we had that positive pregnancy test. I got that digital YES in the predawn hours. I came in and woke you, told you. We stared at the dark ceiling holding hands. It was like we were looking into an alternate future suddenly.

Then you turned to me, pulling me towards you, roughly kissing me and biting my lips and whispering perverse lovely directions, how to suck your cock, how my body would grow, and we had messy, filthy, thrilling sex until it was getting light outside. You tongued and bit my nipples while groaning about how big my tits would get.

I feel like we made a choice that night that NOTHING would derail our sex life if we could help it.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Well this is embarrassing. Neither of us can really remember what we did last night.

Not because anyone was inebriated or overly exhausted or medicated or anything. We did definitely have sex, specifically coitus (autocorrects to colitis) but we can't quite remember anything about it.

I guess that's weeknight comfort married sex?

What I do remember:
-I have laryngitis and made some very weird squawking sounds and laughed about it after
-we used lube (and left it on the side table, I put it away this morning)
-you were erect before I got into bed, and I asked what you'd been thinking about, and you told me the premise of the erotica you had been reading.

We are at the kitchen table talking about it now and we're both a little sheepish. I am sure we both enjoyed it. I know we both had orgasms. Is it so bad that we don't remember details?

First I got very upset about curtains, and now this? We better get up to some cirque du soleil shit tonight so we can continue to take pride in being perverts, or before you know it we will wear turtlenecks we order in bulk from catalogues and talk to those awful neighbors about by-laws.

We did it last night and afterwards we had a laugh because you claimed you made "funny sounds." Which was not the case, I feel, but it's interesting what we remember after sex. Some nights we recall with vivid clarity every beat of our lovemaking. Others, nearing bedtime with blogs still to write we look at each other, dazed, and embarrassingly ask one another for prompts on what in the heck we got up to the night before.

Here's what I think I remember, though it may be a mash-up memory from yesterday and the night before:
I took you on your back. You used our awesome lube that is not greasy and not jelled. I licked your tits and your nipples and I could feel you tightening around me as you came. I has you press your legs together and you were extra tight as I got close. You love coming just ahead of me. It lets you feel me when I'm getting close. I finished inside you and, spent, collapsed into your arms. I didn't notice the "funny sounds."

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

shades up

You stood looking at me in the bedroom. i could see you looking at me in the reflection of that big, clouded old mirror. I was wearing weekday basic black cotton lingerie. We had missed a night so we were extra motivated, we'd been on a date so we were extra connected, and we'd shared a bottle of wine so we were extra uninhibited.

What I really remember most clearly was you fucking my mouth while I laid on my back, arched up towards you. You stroked my clit with your strong, warm fingers and my eyes flashed open. I realized one of the shades was half open. I had an urge to laugh at the idea of one of our insufferable neighbours seeing you sliding your thick, veiny cock into my mouth.

Immediately after I was too sated to be shy and I felt like purring as you petted me, down between my breasts and over my hip bones as I just lay there and let you look at me.

We left a dim light on. I took your hand and lay you on your back on the bed. I stood next to the bed above you and fed my hard cock into your awaiting mouth. You took me in as I moved inside your mouth, gradually deepening. Something about you sucking my cock while craning your neck. You're so gorgeous and vulnerable, so devoted to my pleasure. I lick your nipples and pinch them gently. Your pussy is nice and wet by now. As it should be when you comply with my sexual demands.

We noticed the shade on our bedroom window wide open. It was very late and the odds are no one peeked, but then again they probably know to keep an eye out on our window. We fuck just about every night so you have to imagine that at some point someone's caught a glimpse.

Monday, 15 April 2013


Last night I came looking for you after my bath. I was all fresh, shaved, groomed, etc. (No roasted garlic pizza tonight either.)

I came downstairs in my jail stripe black and white panties and one of your thin button down shirts. This is the sad part of the story now, where circumstances mean I went to bed alone after cleaning up the kitchen and packing tomorrows lunch. Only that old guy whose yard backs into ours got to enjoy my panties clad chores. If he stays up that late.

We were out drinking cheap sharp sparkling wine at our local when our page views crossed 1000. I wondered if those views left people aroused. We laughed at that one picture of me that looks like a sex doll. I seriously, sincerely love the pictures I took of you getting dressed. Nothing about those pictures makes me laugh.

Now I want to celebrate this (arbitrary) milestone. I want to by a new vibrator. I want to try some other things too. I want to toast our success by slavishly kneeling and idolizing your cock with my tongue.

We sat in that bar tonight holding hands and talking about sex and secrets and did our best to shut out the news reports of carnage and terror.

Tonight I know we will share our bed and fuck and lick and make each other come. Tomorrow I hope we will buy frivolous erotic things knowing that our most beloved toys are each others imperfect, gorgeous bodies.

We will watch each other undress tonight and look at each other in the mirror. I will need your cock in me where I can feel your heartbeat inside my body.

We hit a thousand views yesterday.

To celebrate we downed a bottle of the not-cheapest sparkling wine. I'm planning on ravishing you tonight and whispering in your ear all the filthy things we'll do once we put in our celebratory sex shop order. Not sure what'll be in the shopping cart, but it's gonna be good.

We were foiled yesterday and I didn't have the pleasure or your pussy last night. I'll make sure you get a good, hard, thorough fucking tonight. The kind where I cup my hands around your ass and you have your legs around my shoulders so I can go in deep and make you feel every thrust.

Sunday, 14 April 2013


I kissed you and sent you upstairs. You were to kneel at the bed with your mouth open and wait. You surprised me when you said you needed a minute first. Even more so when the minute turned into a few more.

I arranged the pillow at the foot of our bed. Just right for kneeling. I coiled a thin, black leather belt on the mattress. Your tardiness would not go unnoticed.

You arrived and dutifully shed your outer layers. "Leave your panties on," I said. I wasn't sure if you were going to have any attention paid to your pussy. Maybe you'd service me and then turn in unfucked as part of your discipline.

You eagerly took my cock in your mouth. I felt a glorious tingling, minty and surprising. Like the hot/cold packs for muscle aches, but I knew it was your minty fresh mouth and tongue on my now throbbing cock. You had anticipated my impatience but taken extra time to better please me. At that moment I was the one completely in your control.

I lovingly tended to your tits and nipples with the leather belt. You submitted to me completely and that was part of your reward. You were so obedient and eager I felt so lucky as I used you and emptied my come inside you.

Last night you abruptly turned to me and told me to meet you in the bedroom, on my knees. Right now, you said. Mouth open.

i didn't go straight to the bedroom though, I stopped to freshen up. I brushed my teeth thoroughly. (Let me explain. You ordered that roasted garlic and broccoli pizza. I then drank two cups of stale microwaved coffee. I smoked my nightly cigarette. Then I had a spoon of plain greek yogurt right out of the container. Was I being sexily, cheekily disobedient or did I have breath like a one line rejection letter? You decide.)
I watched my own breasts swaying as i brushed my teeth. After breathpocalypse was averted and I had minty clean teeth, palate, gums and tongue I skipped rinsing and hastened to the bedroom and got on my knees. I left the panties on as you instructed. The soft black belt was on the bed. There was a feather pillow on the floor at the foot of the bed.

I could feel my heartbeat pounding in my clit. My nipples brushed the crisp cotton duvet and I wanted to writhe against it. Those silly, silky, ruched and ruffled white panties glinted in the mirror on the back of the door.

You groaned as you slid into my mouth. Your scolding for my lateness turned into a vivid description of what all that aquafresh was doing to your cock.

You still let me feel the lick of the belt biting lightly against my tits though, while you fucked my mouth. I thought you would come into my throat and I was disappointed but hugely relieved when you pulled me up onto the bed, rose above me, and pushed all the way into me in one stroke.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

valet service

Last night I waited for you in just underwear. My panties were minimal to the point of ridiculousness, just a few black strings with a teeny patch of sheer fabric. You traced it with your fingers.

You rubbed your cock as it hardened all over my butt and I was craning my neck to be able to see you. I could see you thrusting in between the cheeks of my ass. This position does amazing things to your body, all ab muscles and ropy lean biceps.

Today I helped (hindered) you while you were getting dressed. If you had even ten more minutes I would have tried to start something more. Watching you get dressed is always perversely arousing. Watching you put your body away where I can't see it or touch it.

I pressed fleeting touches against the twill of your pants but alas, you had to get going.

You wore your black thong. I stroked and kissed you along the narrow fabric. I stroked the sensitive spots and kissed you behind your knees. I pulled your thong aside and entered you from behind. I felt how wet you were and knew you were close already. You came as I cupped your tits and lightly pinched your nipples. You get so tight when you come it brings me close. I fill you with my come and collapse onto you, spent.

Friday, 12 April 2013

the inquisition

Pretty soon we're planning a visit to our local sex retailer. There are some toys we want to explore.

Maybe once we get 1000 views this will be our little splurge. We're almost there, 850 at today's count. From 24 individual entries. A couple of them featured on Fleshbot.

We're curious about your sex store toy/gadget recommendations. Anything good out there worth trying? Also, your comments and feedback to The Inquisition will help us know who we're writing for.

Last night I lingered on her trimmed pussy with my fingers. It seems so sensitive around the edges where she shaves.

I am very, very curious about the reader demographics. I have made sure anonymous commenting is turned on, and that our email address is displayed- emails will be kept private. I even turned off spambot protection to make it easy to comment if anyone wanted. Some of my million questions:

Are you in a relationship?
If yes, are your sexual needs being met? Are your partners'?
Do you find monagamy difficult? If so, how does your gender identity/orientation/level of kink play in?
Why do you read sex blogs? What other sex blogs do you read?
What do you want to see when you open a new entry?
Do you ever send links to your partner?
Do you imagine us like the pictures from fleshbot reposts?
Do you view pornography? Do you purchase erotica? In what format? What are your sources?
Do you feel like you have a strong grasp on who you are sexually?
Do you feel like you are able to be that sexual self when you are intimate with other people?

Anyway, I never got around today to reflecting on our sex last night. It was good. I had been almost begging him to get to bed after sliding my hand up his t-shirt and touching his taut, hairy stomach while we watched tv.

I was in a hurry to get to my first orgasm. My breasts were sensitive and he doted on them.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

victory lap

After you steamed in the tub you lay on our bed in just your pajama bottoms. It was cold in our bedroom and I climbed into bed naked and you stripped and we snuggled under the covers. No kissing - you are determined to keep your cold to yourself. I'm inside you almost right away. You're on your stomach and I cup your breasts as I press my stiff cock inside you. You buck a little as you come, like always. I'm not long after.

We're both relaxed and tired on our sides. My cock is still firm and inside you. As any decent lover who grew up reading the Playboy Enquirer, I ask "Can I do anything for you, baby?" You say something like, "Do you mind..." and you start pressing against me. I touch your nipples. As you come to a second climax, my cock gets hilariously ejected out. You chuckle mildly and we're instantly asleep.

It was weeknight sex. We are both chronically sleep deprived and I am coming down with a cold. I luxuriated in a bath. Before my bath I had shown you some lovely xrated pics on tumblr that I enjoyed. I touched your erection through your clothes and then thought about that while in the bath.

We pulled the duvet up to our noses and entered into our comfortable weeknight sex pattern. You whispering praise and filth in my ear, me stroking you while laying on our sides facing each other. You turned me onto my stomach and slid into me competently, rhythmically, familiar with where your fingers are needed to help me come.

We didn't linger. It was comfort food sex. When you were finished too, we turned, spooning, you still inside me. "Can I do anything for you?" you asked solicitously. You often ask this. It means "Would you like another helping of orgasm, dear?"

I did want a little more, and you served me seconds with your hands on my breasts, my fingers on my cunt, your beard on my neck. When I came, my clenching pussy forced your softening cock out. We chuckled for a brief moment and then I was asleep instantly. Hours later in the dark I woke up, still nestled against you, feeling a little sticky and a lot lucky.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

7 words

I masturbate to memories of you ejaculating.

She knows she'll get a spanking tonight.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

something to take off

I like greeting you in bed naked. I like leaving something on even more. Just a tshirt or just underwear-- whatever the item I like having something for you to take off.  Last night you said "ooh you kept your panties on!" when you slid under the covers with me.  We had watched some amateur sexy videos together which ended up more funny than anything but still arousing.
"I bet you're wet right through these" you said in my ear as your arm draped warm across my bare breasts and your finger outlined my anatomy through the thin fabric. I squirmed against you and sighed at the friction of your hairy chest against me.  

You fed your cock into my mouth, telling me how you wanted it.  At some point you slid my panties down and put them, wadded, into my mouth.  I came lightly, almost incompletely with my legs wrapped around you as you fucked me hard for just a few minutes.  You pulled out and I was sucking you again, you thrust into my mouth and I was sure you would come that way.  You seemed intent on getting off right then. I was writhing on my belly, prostrated in front of you like an obscene kowtow.

But in the end you climbed over me and fucked me that way, face down, coming hard and quickly inside me.  I was still needing, begging for an orgasm and you had me touch myself to get there, your semen tricking out around my fingers, feeling the thick root of you still buried in me.

When I got up in the morning (late, rushing) a little drop of you rolled down my thigh on my way to shower. 

One of our favorite fantasy scenes that we whisper about while we're bed is taking you out to a store. Having you try on clothes for me. Making sure they're revealing or cheap and skanky. Being very demanding and dismissive of you in front of the clerk. Then taking you in the change room or having you on your knees. Maybe soon we'll actually get around to enacting it.

Last night was hot. You're so sexy and willing. You bit down on your floral panties that I places in your mouth.  You blew me just how I instructed you to - hard, fast, and with a slight brush with your teeth. You're so indulgent with my fantasies, real and imagined.


Monday, 8 April 2013

your clock

Funny misunderstanding we learned after comparing blogs yesterday. I said I want to come on your hands, you heard come on your ass. I was wondering why you turned over abruptly!

Favorite autocorrect when I am writing these. Cock autocorrects to clock. "You took my clock in your mouth."

Sex should be a little funny. Is sense of humor the main difference between amateur porn and pro? You were telling me about the Top 10 Bathroom Amateur Scenes on Fleshbot (autocorrected to Fleshboy) and I'm looking forward to watching them with you. You've been watching a ton of porn recently, you mentioned. This got me horny thinking (autocorrected first to honking) about you watching dirty videos. Can't wait to watch some funny sex videos and then fill your pussy with my clock. 

Some of these autocorrects have been hilarious.  One of our brainstorm blog titles was "doing it from our phones" because we keep the smut (autocorrects to "ski") mostly on our phones.  Except typed out, "DoingItFromOurPhones" made me think of doing like a springy sound. Doioioing.  
Some autocorrects have been hilarious and I wish we had kept better track.  Now that my phone has 'learned' my filthy language, you hardly ever duck me from behind and I hardly ever suck your clock.  I love it when you shovel into me.  I can't get enough of your sick sliding inside me.  Please, grape my hair when I am Miami for more.  Please please don't stop down arming me, I love it when you're taking chafes.   Your AV muscles are so sexy. I can't get enough of your music urn thighs.  Your lean bury is so mad clone and Virgil.  I mean every word of that.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

she took charge

I tried to be bossy for you.  I got ready (remember?) and you knew my intentions- you read them.  I was in my pajamas when you finally came in.  You were fully clothed. I took your sweater off, then your tshirt. Then your belt, your pants.
I left your underwear on at first.  Your cock was hardening quickly but bent down awkwardly. I adjusted it for you and rubbed it for a minute through the fabric before sliding your shorts down too.   

I directed you to lay back. I took my pants off but left my tight tank top on.  I posed you, placed your hands where I wanted them. I sucked at you and rubbed myself against you. I fed you the parts I wanted you to bite, lick, kiss.  I made you tell mr how your cock felt and what your cock wanted.  I came around your fingers.  I demanded a taste of your precome-- and I got it. A fat viscous teardrop to lick up.  

Then I just wanted you to fuck me for real and you were inside me and then oh fuck are you kidding me? You had to get up and take care of a call, pulling out and I was left there legs spread and panting.  Incredible timing.  I waited there naked for you and oddly I fell asleep a little, propped up on pillows.

When you came back and stripped off I felt that texture on your cock, that way your skin feels when there is pussy on it.  I stroked your cock lightly for a minute, you thrusting into my hand.  You slid into me, in charge this time, cradled between my thighs.  I was poised for an easy orgasm.  when finally, finally, finally you came, I was face down across those pillows and you pulled out theatrically.  Your come landed on my back like whip lashes, heavy and thick and roping from hip to shoulder.

You took the lead last night. The bedroom was candlelit.  You lay back on the bed. You instructed me to touch your pussy with my fingers. I slid one, then two fingers in, then a third. I reached for your nipple with my free hand and you put my hand back in my lap. You said I couldn't touch my cock either.
I rubbed your clit with my thumb as I moved my fingers inside you. "Make me come," you said. 

After you came you took my cock in your mouth. You love my pre-come. Then you straddled me and eased onto my cock. 

I have conflicted urges, to submit entirely or revert back to our usual roles and take you suddenly, insistingly, catching you by surprise. I obeyed this time. I love being at your command.

After a brief interruption I entered the bedroom and you were waiting. You were sill wet and as we fucked you asked where I wanted to come. "On your hands,"** I said. You turned over and I took you from behind, imagining you cupping your hands behind you as I spurted all over them. In the end I came all over your ass and back. I was so loaded with come from arousal and buildup. I love it when we change things up and you take charge. 
** Her: I thought you said "on your ass" so I turned over...

Saturday, 6 April 2013


You were fresh and clean out of the shower.  Waiting in bed. I stripped my clothes off and knelt by your pillow. My hardening cock went in your mouth.

You held me so gently while I moved between your lips. Gradually getting deeper. You took me in until I was pressing the back of your throat. "I'm going to use you tonight. Is that alright?" I ask. You nod your answer. 

I eased my cock out and turned you onto your stomach. Impatient, I thrust inside you. Your pussy is so wet already, like it always gets when you suck my cock. I tease your nipples while I move inside you. I tell you to jerk off. You reach a hand to your pussy.
It's not long before you come. I feel you tighten and pulsate a second time while I come inside you.

You've mentioned me being in charge a few times recently. This surprises me, because we mostly stick to our roles in the bedroom- you taking charge, me letting go.  I like these roles because I have more inhibitions I think. More hang up with my body, more of a need for approval. I'm not sure why really.  I'm assertive in every other area of my life.
Tonight though I have plans. Nothing tough, but taking charge.  You're busy right now. I am drawing a bath now, hoping you'll be finished up, joining me when I am out of the tub.  I put a dollop of your shower gel in the tub as bubble bath. Maybe soaking in a tub foaming with machismo will make me feel virile, aggressive.  Today is a good day for it I think, I was busy and productive and felt sexy.  A man flirted boldly with me on the sidewalk. I wore red lingerie and tight jeans.  I ate sexy food today, pastries and strawberries and sweet coffee and red meat.

I have the bedroom ready, bed made, candles lit.  I will put on lotion looking at myself in the mirror, choosing to approve of the shape of my legs and the curve of my waist and I will linger on my breasts as I admire the smoothness of my skin.  I will be powerful.

I will straddle you and tease you. I will demand your precome as the toll to my pussy.  I will goad and stroke and bite until your cock gives it up for me to taste.  I will make you lick me until I am gasping.  I will use your strong thigh between mine while your mouth is at my breasts.  Maybe I will make you beg.

I have to work up the nerve but I think you want this from me once in a while.  I will do my best to please you by making you please me.

Friday, 5 April 2013


I feel like a pretty good lover. I know I am good at giving you head. I don't really have hand jobs down. It's my sex skills weak spot. Hand jobs feel like writing with my awkward left hand. I love the idea of stroking you off with my hand wrapped around you, where I can see you come, have it dripping into my body in plain sight.

We sat in bed across from each other and I lubed up my hand. This always turns me on even if I never finish the act. I wrap my palm around you and slide up, down. You direct my speed, the tightness of my grip. I wanted to see you ejaculate in my lubed up hand. I slid my free hand under to cup you and your testicles were drawn up, like they get when you are the very hardest.

Then you reached out and stroked one nipple and I lost my concentration. All I could think of was the ache in my pelvis, the hunger, the urge to be filled up and the need to come. I sagged to the side and tugged at your shoulders to come down, cover me, fuck me.

Maybe another day we can revisit hand jobs but I didn't have the willpower last night.

You suggested we grope like teenagers and we did. We tried to limit ourselves to dry humping and mutual masturbation. You told me you wanted to practice your hand jobs. We sat up and faced each other while you applied generous amounts of lube and jerked me off with light, quick strokes.

"Oh fuck it," you said and lay back. We like the idea of jerking each other off, but we rarely commit to anything that doesn't involve oral or penetration.

We'll try to make handjobs a bigger part of our repertoire.

I love the idea of you pretending my cock is your own. We'll get a strap-one of these days and maybe I'll return the favour. I'll jerk you off and suck you however you like. Maybe you'll make me your little slut and pin me to the mattress with your hard cock. Just like I deserve.

Thursday, 4 April 2013


 Last night was sweet. When we got into bed I felt that little thrill I feel when our skin first touches after a long distracted day apart. You kissed me thoroughly and affectionately with your hand cupping the back of my head.

When you nuzzled your face against my bare breast.  You haven't shaved in days and your stubble was coarse and scratchy. I love your stubble.  I love how thick it is, how masculine. It's unexpectedly red, and glints in sunlight. You have such a rugged jaw with square corners and straight edges.  My personal lumberjack.

While your mouth was moving between my breasts, your solid muscular thigh was between my legs, hairs there rasping against my pussy.  It was like my clit and my nipples were directly connected.  Your cock was hard against my belly and I put my fingers between us to stroke you.

You rolled your solid body over me and caged my head between your arms, overwhelming me.  Your head dipped to lap at the closet nipple, I was arching up into your mouth.  I could feel my wetness on your thigh where it had pressed against me.  You slid shallowly into me, I gripped your waist to keep you from sinking all the way in.  That's how I came, with you in me shallowly, the shaft of your cock mostly outside me but sliding in and down across my clit.

It was loving and unhurried but not overly gentle. Our pace increased and I could feel your back muscles knotting under my hands as you came, holding one I my arms down against the bed like you thought I'd try to get away.

As if I'd ever try to get away.

Sweet, normal, non-Olympic style sex. A perfect compliment to the other night's hardcore soirĂ©e. 

Not "lazycourse," as we branded it. That's the kind of sex were we skip the slow buildup, and instead we grab the lube and get to business. We're tired and would rather no frills sex than no sex. Nothing wrong with this, but that wasn't last night. Last night was simple, direct, intimate. 

After I came, you rubbed my back while I was still inside you. My lower back's easily my biggest erogenous zone and you pay such dear attention to it. I know it turns you on too, especially because I'm my most vocal when you're kneading weary muscles.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

explicit (seriously. explicit.)

Maybe it was the martinis. Something about them makes us extra frisky. We went on a rare night out on the town. After our proper date we wrote our blogs and looked at chastity belt images. I surprised you and took your hand and led you to the closest private spot in the house, which happened to be the basement stairs.
I eased your stockings down and pulled your new black panties aside. I'd planned to just warm you up and continue our evening, but after I took you from behind on the stairs and I pulled your panties and nylons back up, we headed upstairs. 

Our room was near dark, and I had you on your knees and my pussy-soaked cock in your mouth. 

 I still had your punishment to dole out. At my direction you lay down on the cold, hardwood floor. I tore your stockings. I stroked you wet pussy and cupped your mouth. I counted out 10 light slaps to your swollen cunt. Punishment requirement satisfied. Then I rubbed my cock with your lovely wetness and spit in my hand. I eased into your spit-lubed ass. You were marvelously relaxed and my cock went in smoothly and snugly. 

The first time I took your ass was after martinis a decade ago. Remember?

Well last night was just straight up nuts.

At the tops of the stairs you lifted my skirt up.  You ran your fingers over the line of my panties through my stockings and then yanked them down.  Slid your fingers right into my body then pulled my underwear to the side while pushing the head of your cock in from behind me.  I was pressed up against jackets and bags hanging from the hooks on the wall.  You were only in me shallowly. 

You pulled out abruptly and put my skirt back down.  We abandoned the stairs and you led me upstairs.  All hell broke loose.  You were teasing, spanking my cunt, telling me how naughty i had been the night i touched myself without you.

Your cock was in my mouth tasting like my pussy and your precome and then I was in all fours and you were scooping my breasts out of my dress and my nylons were in shreds.  You slid around outside me, I was drenching.  You fucked me like that on the bedroom floor with your fingers reached around in front until I came.  

Then you took your cock out of my cunt and with your mouth and my body providing lubrication you were pressed against my ass and coaxing me, whispering, and I was coming again, clenching so tightly around your intrusion until it hurt.  My head was hanging down and my arms were shaking and you shifted so my  shoulders could rest on the foot of the bed.

I was long gone then just accepting you in.  We haven't visited that neighborhood in a long time, maybe a year, and it was starting to be tender and you were getting close.  Your fingers gripped my hips so tightly and you groaned sharply against my back while your cock jerked inside my ass.

So there we are, panting on the hardwood..  On a Tuesday night.  Underwear and shreds of my new hose all over the bedroom.  Crazy.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


We were thwarted last night. One minute I was naked and you were getting hard in my palm whispering to me how you were going to discipline me and the next minute you were dressed and headed out the door.  I skimmed my fingers over myself for a few seconds but it seemed disloyal not to wait (not to mention we had managed a daytime  session only a few hours before).

I saw you briefly this morning but I was rushing around for work.
Today was my surprise for you.  A silly PG surprise but I like dressing up with you on the weeknight and it was as good an excuse as any.  On my lunch today I went to H&M and bought sluttier underwear than the ones I had put on this morning.  After work I changed in the bathroom at work.  I removed my sweater and brushed my hair until it crackled big and crazy.  I painted my mouth with lip stain and admired my new underwear in the mirror.

 We met at a bar and I had your cocktail waiting.  We lingered with friends over our drinks and almost missed the start of the (surprise! tickets!) performance.  While everyone faced the stage I slid my palm over your leg, feeling the muscles of your thigh through the smooth wool of your suit pants.  I slid a little higher and you didn't encourage or acknowledge so I stopped.

I hope you rip my stockings off later like you did that time when you fucked me on the kitchen counter.  Do you remember that?

We were cut short before we started last night. I was describing to you how you were going to be disciplined for taking matters into your own hands yesterday (see Matinee). We have an agreement that there will be penalties assigned whenever you play with your pussy without my approval. You love this, knowing you're going to suffer stern consequences whenever you jerk off. Or at least whenever you TELL me that you jerked off. 

One oft-whispered in your ear fantasy is the chastity belt. Not sure what modern day versions are out there, but I love the idea of locking up your pussy and holding the key. You love it too. Maybe a trip to the sex store is in order. 

Tonight we'll take up your punishment where we left off.

Monday, 1 April 2013



Last night you were in a rush. I got into bed with towel dried hair and it's like you were feeding yourself into me seconds later.  My hair left your pillow wet. You were 'on call' and left immediately after and I will confess to you here that I took a victory lap with myself after you left.
Today we took the opportunity for some time between the sheets in the afternoon- not too common for us.  The light was nice in the bedroom and you took some photos of my black panties.  That nice light filtered through the duvet as we pulled it all the way over our heads to make a tent.  I wish I had the nerve to take a photo of you in straightened arms over my naked body, heavy dick stiffening, hanging down between us.  

Your warm cock was pulsing against my bare feet while you went down on me.  It was gorgeous.


This afternoon we snapped some photos in bed. I admired your gorgeous ass in your black panties with red camisole. I plucked your perky nipples from your top and played with them. 

Your hands were beyond frigid and we retreated beneath the covers so I could warm you. I eased down your body, kissed your pussy. I licked you rhythmically. I love hearing you gasp. You were already close when I eased a finger into your wet pussy. I could feel the spongey wall of your g-spot with my finger as I circled my tongue around your clit. I stop everything as you come. The sensation becomes too overwhelming for you. 

You're nice and warm by the time I come inside you.