Saturday, 29 June 2013

Man of Steel

What do you do when you find a sex position that works great, but you're not sure the name of it?  You want to have some way to signal your desire for said posture, but don't want to spoil the moment by grasping with descriptives and gestures and, "you know, the one we did the one time..."  Anyway, we discovered a sweet position starting in missionary and then I get on my knees and this provides the perfect angle.  You were hovering so close to orgasm as I knelt while inside you, it was beautiful to see.  Now you're on your trip this weekend and I miss you terribly, but we're both posting tonight anyway, so at least we have a virtual connection to last night's escapades, which were tender and intense all at once.  And that position?  We named it "Man of Steel."

We were looking down the barrel of a few nights apart again.  I wasn't sure if we'd get down to it at all, but It worked out in the end.  I had splashed myself with cool water but not actually showered.  I wandered around in  cotton pants, topless, starting some laundry and gathering things to pack.
When we were both finally in bed together you pulled me toward you.  Your skin felt warm against mine. I love the way your body hair feels against my skin.

You straddled me and I lubed up my hands to stroke you.  You pinched and tugged at my nipples while I stroked you with both hands.  You slid into me like that, warm and heavy on top of me.
Later, you sat up, knees on either side of me, swinging in and out of me, pulling at my body from the inside.

We named that specific position, one that's hard to explain.  We laughed about our name ("man of steel") as we were falling asleep.

I curled my bare cool front against your bare warm back and fell asleep easier than I thought I would.

I miss you.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

sleep debt

Our sleep debt is spiraling. It seems like we fall behind more every day.  When you came into bed I was staring at my phone trying not to fall asleep.  I felt like if I dozed off you'd never be able to wake me.  It was sticky hot in the bedroom and we had fans going.

You stripped out of your clothes and lay flat on the bed.  I ran my hands over your torso, scratching at your chest hair.  I took your half hard cock into my mouth, pumping a little with my hand.  I let my teeth scrape you a little and you made appreciative sounds.  You had one hand resting on the bed, palm up, lightly holding my breast as I leaned over you.

When you eased me onto my back, it was hard to climax.  I was so tired, it was like the muscles refused to quite get there.  It was such a flooding relief and I think you were holding back for me because you came right after.

We were both exhausted and when I came in you were nearly asleep. You roused and you went down on me and then I took you on your back, alternating shallow and deep motions.  Your orgasm came after being a little elusive, and then mine followed and we both collapsed, content.

Sunday, 23 June 2013


I slept on the floor in a sleeping bag last night.  That's not the pathetic part-- the pathetic part is how much I was longing to get in bed with you.  We have to catch up on sleep, and we have to catch up on time, we have to catch up on sex after last night.  We'll be apart for three nights this coming week and I am looking forward to the trip (some parts of it anyway) but I wish you could come with me.  Hotel sex in a city we don't visit often?  That would be amazing.

Maybe next year we can do some adult only traveling together instead of taking turns with these working trips going different directions.

Forces conspired against us last night, sadly.  I'm going to miss you terribly when you go on your trip.  Maybe we can fit in some dirty phone chatting, but even that seems unlikely as you'll have little opportunity.  Dirty photo swap?  Problem is, whenever I take photos of myself I stare weirdly into the lens and look creepy. Apparently, what I think of as sexy silhouette looks like me being a creeper/stalker sneaking up with ill-intent.  My self-taken photos just aren't that sexy.

Sexting?  Might be the best we got for later this week.

Friday, 21 June 2013

couldn't wait

I couldn't wait and knelt you over the bed and you shrugged your jeans down and I pulled you panties around your thighs.  You were turned on I could tell as my cock found you.  You rubbed your clit and I kneaded your breasts.  You shuddered and I could feel you pulsing around my cock.  I came not long after.  When I pulled out you sat on the bed and kissed and licked my cock, taking me in your mouth, carefully avoiding too much stimulation on my still-sensitive head.  I asked if you cared for a victory lap.  This time you shucked your jeans off and I licked and sucked your tits as you grinded on my thigh and after a brief minute or two you came again.

You were sliding your hand inside my shirt to rub my bare back as we were cleaning the kitchen up before bed.  Your hand was so warm and insistent, snaking around to my side.  We left what we were doing (incidentally those melon rinds we left out attracted fruit flies by morning) and hurried up the stairs.  You rained little pats on my jeans as I went up in front of you.  I did stop to use the washroom and brush my teeth.  When I came into the bedroom you were waiting for me.  You closed the door as soon as I was through it, and you pounced, your mouth on my neck as I was fumbling at my jeans button.

You turned me around and pressed my shoulders down to the bed, pushing my shirt up and my jeans and panties down.  I was glad I wasn't wearing a bra when you pushed into my cunt and palmed my breasts.  My arousal had spiked almost painfully when you slid into me and I used my fingers to help bring myself to orgasm.  It was intense, my eyes flashing open and my face muscles tight.  Your hands were steely on my tits and you came soon after me.   Your belly was warm against my back as you curled over me.  When you pulled out, I shivered and sat on the bed, intending to take my jeans off the rest of the way but your cock was so tempting in front of my mouth.  I took it between my lips gently.  I took my jeans off.

You lay over me, ever generous, and busied your mouth at my tits through my shirt, pressing your thigh against my cunt until I came again.

Thursday, 20 June 2013


We're running on fumes of sleep.  I fantasize about using the interfaith room at work to nap.  As I dragged myself up the stairs I knew I needed a bath but was desperate for sleep.  I aimed for a quick bath but while I was letting the conditioner soak into my hair I fell asleep.  I woke up with a start when my nose skimmed the water line.  The water had cooled.

You were waiting patiently and even as tired as I was, my body stirred at the sight of you sprawled and waiting on the bed.

Feeling receptive but too exhausted to chase orgasm I requested a little mechanical assistance and we pulled in our pal the little vibrator.*  I slipped it in, clicked it on, and we made out a bit, my cunt responding easily and automatically.   With a little lube you slid snugly in alongside the internal arm of the vibrator.  You were behind me at first, but that pushes the outside arm away from my clit where it is most direct, so you withdrew and some comfortable missionary got us both off.  I'm amazed we didn't just fall asleep then and there until the battery ran dead.

As always we laughed as we clicked through the 'other' settings of the vibrator that you have to cycle through to turn it off.  No matter how exhausted we were... we'd made it.

*We have used it not infrequently in the past few months- it's a WeVibe 3.

Sleepy?  Exhausted?  Still want to fuck?  Of course we do!  We grabbed some help from our vibrating pal and let technology do its wonders.  Hey, when you do it every day, or at least aspire to, a little lazycourse, as we've termed it, is expected and ever welcomed!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

broken doorbell

You were taking directions.  I was on my back, and you were at my feet.  I had you take my cock in your mouth, and I directed you to look up at me for my approval periodically as you worked you lips along my shaft.  There's something so hot about meeting you gaze as you swallow my cock with such devotion.

Then the sex took a comic or, possibly, tragic turn.  In my enthusiasm, I turned you over and while furiously whispering naughty suggestions into your ear, I made an impulsive move into your, um, rear entrance.  I guess it's best to knock first because after about 2 seconds you shut the whole thing down.

Not sure what I expected.  We were joking about it right away, fortunately, and I felt very sheepish.  No harm done, you assured me.

We had been out together, watching some bluegrass-ish music in a dive bar before walking home.

When we got home we went to bed as soon as we could.  I stripped off my clothes and took a flash-quick shower.  When I came in, hair up as you'd requested, you were ready to take charge.

You wanted me to look up at you.  This seems to really turn you on, for me to kneel over your lap and look up while I suck your cock.  You handled my breasts and fucked my mouth as I looked up at you.  "I think you know what I want next," you said when you were telling me how much you like me looking at you with my mouth full of cock.

Something went wrong- when you posed me on my knees and lined up behind me, rubbing and cupping my whole pussy, spreading my wetness all around.  As it turns out, I didn't know what you had wanted next.  I thought you wanted to dive right into my cunt.  You dove... not into my cunt. 

Without my intentional relaxing (and let's face it we usually go into the 'backyard' after drinking a little) it wasn't great.  As soon as I could find the words I ordered you out.  I was actually shaking from the combination of arousal, surprise and straight up pain.

I retreated abruptly to the washroom to splash some cold water on myself.  This is not a topic covered in first aid courses, and I have never treated myself for anal shock so that seemed the most prudent thing.  Within a few minutes I was fine, and came back into the room laughing to assure you nothing was permanently rent asunder.  Back in the bedroom you had freshened yourself up and were sitting up in bed, waiting with concern written all over your face. You were a bit hesitant after that, holding and kissing me gently. 

I asked you to fuck me.  (I wasn't specific where I wanted you to fuck me, but fortunately we were on the same page by now.)  You did.

The next day (only minor lingering soreness the next morning by the way) you were talking about our friend who has a broken doorbell, so you ring and ring standing outside his house before you finally text message him.  We burst out laughing.  Send a text next time!  I'd be happy let you in!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

hands behind her back

Last night I directed you to get on your knees on the bed. I positioned you on your stomach on a pillow.  I took you nice and hard and fast at points, thrusting deep inside you.  As I was working, I took your hands and folded them behind your back and whispered that I was going to come on your ass.  That seemed to get you going even more and you'd come once already and I could feel my orgasm surfacing.  By the time neared erupting you came again, tight, clenching, shuddering.  I pulled out and I came on your ass.

As we slept you got super-heated and it felt so nice to be next to you.

I have an extra eroticised reaction to bodies through clothes.  Last night we were browsing a touch of smut in bed.  I had my bra and underwear on, that new bra and the black and white panties you admire.  I had my hair up in a messy knot and you were fully dressed.  You had your big male body draped across the bed in a tshirt and some dapper shorts.  Your shirt was riding up, showing your lean hairy stomach.

I rubbed my face in the hair there, smelling your skin.  I pressed my cheek against your shorts, feeling you hard against me.  You took the shorts on and left the underwear.  I took my bra off and curled up against you to rub my mouth over your cock through your underwear.

Soon enough we were naked, and you told me to get on my knees.  I knelt in front of you, with you lining up behind me.  You put a pillow under my chest and bent me over.  You fucked me that way until I was laying flat, draped over the pillow.  I was not quite reaching climax until you pulled your knees forward.  With your body perpendicular to mine like that your cock tugs on me inside, rearranging and pressing on all sorts of secret places.  The penetration is shallower but god, it's so intense. 

When I finally, finally come you weren't far behind.  I don't know if I came more than once or it it was just really prolonged. 

When you came, it was explosive.  You pulled out and spurted come across my ass.  You were holding my hands behind me and the last drops fell on my hands.  I rubbed my fingers in it.  I was exhausted, limp, but I thought about going for a victory lap feeling your semen starting to drip down the curves of my butt. 

You wiped me off tenderly.

Monday, 17 June 2013


Bread and butter sex.  We didn't know how long we'd have and you got out the lube and got right to it after I eased up your t-shirt and kissed your nipples.  You asked if I wanted some lube and I did and you rubbed a couple drops along my shaft.  You're often very wet, but the lube is great for a quick start.  It just means midway we take a second to dry off or lose a bit of friction. 

I was inside you right away and the details are foggy but I think you came and then came again on top.  You've been on top more lately, the result of one of our posts, I think!  This blog is great because we take the time to articulate our needs.  We see how we view sex differently, focus on different aspects of it, and like the other night how my geeking out on my smartphone caused me to miss a striptease that you were initiating for me.  Kicked myself for that one.

I took a long bath and then came downstairs to join you on the couch.  I knew you'd like what I was wearing-- a worn, thin tshirt and leggings, nothing underneath.

We were exhausted but determined (that's been a real theme lately) and I climbed into bed with my t-shirt still on.  The leggings I stripped off.  You handled my breast through the t-shirt for a bit and then pushed it up to expose my tits.  I reached for the lube, intending to suggest a little double-solo (also known as "feeling lazy" in our house) but you had other things in mind.

I used my fingers slipped between our bodies to touch myself, bringing orgasm easily into reach.  We had both lubed up and we got right down to business.  Efficient but very satisfactory.

Sunday, 16 June 2013


I'd mentioned a handjob video clip I'd seen the other night and we decided to watch it.  It was remarkable only because of its unusual technique and the lady's bright red, long fingernails.  She worked that knob with abandon, switching grips readily, and playing that cock like it was a damn jazz instrument.  Not sure how much of a turn-on the video it was, but it was something to ponder, definitely. 

After the video was done, I kissed you along your breasts and belly and legs and licked your pussy gently, flicking my tongue around and along your clit.  I gripped your ass with my hands and massaged your sides and your thighs as I licked.  I groped at your tits and sucked at your clit.

We fucked and after you came we rolled over with you on top and you rode my cock and we came simultaneously.  You were holding off until you could feel me coming, you said.  Our synchronicity was glorious.

I didn't have a bath even though I needed one.  Earlier I asked if you wanted to watch something (meaning TV) and you said "I want tto watch you take your clothes off."  Upstairs we went.

You did not, however, watch me take my clothes off.  I took my shirt off, standing there in my white bra and jeans.  You were distracted.  I made rather a meal out of slowly stripping down to naked but you were occupied.

As it turns out you were busy finding a handjob video you had enjoyed.  We watched it together.  It was rather weird and still sexy.

You nudged my legs apart and put your mouth to work.  I got close to orgasm more than once, and I really, REALLY wanted to come.  I never quite got there, and when you sat back I sat up and returned the oral favour.  You old me how to suck, and praised my efforts, before telling me exactly how to position myself.  

You slid your cock in while I lay spread in the bed, knees bent.  I was so ready and wound up that within a few minutes I was coming around you as you fucked me.  I'd been told to make no noise and I choked back any sounds.

Then you had me lick you, clean your cock up, taste myself on you.

I finished straddling you at your request, coming violently and helplessly again as you ground your hips up against my body.  I beat you by a few moments but I could feel you spurting up into me as your hands tightened in my hips. 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

an admirable work ethic

You had retreated to the quiet upstairs to get some work done.  You sat at that rough little table we have in the bay window in our bedroom.  The house was quiet and the dishwasher was running and I was ready for bed.

First I leaned over your chair, looking at what you were doing.  Then I knelt next to your chair, pretending to be absorbed in what I was reading.  I let my breast brush along your arm.  I didn't fool you-- you closed your laptop and rolled backward a little in your chair, turning so I was kneeling between your knees.  I took that as an invitation and unbuckled your belt, unzipped your jeans and reached inside. You shifted forward in the chair and held my hair off to one side as I slid your half-erect cock into my mouth.  You were surging back instantly, sighing as you hardened immediately.  I went at it in earnest, listening to you whisper praise as I sucked you.  When you came, you were pushing your hips up toward my mouth.

You stripped your clothes off and pushed my nightgown up and returned the favour.

You brought a delightful highlight to my work session this evening.  By the desk upstairs where I was set up, I found you hovering nearby and the next thing I knew you were unbuckling my belt and taking my cock out, sucking me with deep, long strokes that took me far back into your throat.  As you  worked on my cock, I fondled your breasts through your nightgown  You were sucking hard and with intent and I let my orgasm wash over me.  After I was done you lay back on the bed in your white nightgown that I love some much.  I lifted the thin fabric, exposing your trimmed pussy, wet, and ready for my tongue.

Friday, 14 June 2013

boot camp

I walked into the bedroom in just my jeans.  You were reading on the bed and I watched you watching me walk around topless.  I got undressed and started to get under the covers and you told me to get on my knees.

I knelt next to the bed and took you into my mouth.  You doled out a playful punishment for transgressions earlier in the week.  I counted your little light spanks.  As I knelt there with you in my mouth and your fingers teasing at my nipples, I could feel my cunt swelling with excitement.

You directed me to lay on my front and spread my legs.  You fucked me like that, with your hand wedged underneath to touch my tits.  I came with relief.  You were squeezing and moulding my ass with your hands.

After you came I was just short of my second orgasm.  We rolled together to one side, your cock still inside me, and I touched myself to get the rest of the way.  I love how your legs felt all hairy and muscular against mine as you curled around me.

When you climbed into bed naked, I suggested we begin with your punishment for masturbating without permission earlier this week.  Does that sound fair, I ask.  You say yes.  I know part of your would be disappointed if I just let slide.  I gave you a light pussy spanking and by the time I was done your were soaked and ready for my cock.  I obliged and took you from behind.  I fantasize about having a weekend alone with you in a hotel where I can have my stern way with you as much as I want.  A loving wife boot camp, you might say, with some discipline thrown in and a little obedience training.  Would that be good for you, I ask.  In the throes of sex, you answer again, yes.

Thursday, 13 June 2013


First of all, I came home half cut.  I had a reception for a new project at work with a few glasses of wine, and then met a friend at a bar.  We talked about sex, sex writing, and anonymity.  I lost track of my drinks there and suddenly, I'd had too many.  I had planned on walking home but I jumped in a cab.
I rambled on, we watched an episode of Game of Thrones.  I took a bath.  You were waiting for me when I came out all scrubbed and brushed and oiled.  I slid into bed.  You pulled my head towards your offered cock which was already hard.  (Were you reading something naughty perhaps?)  I was more forthright than usual, and before I put your cock in my mouth I got out a vibrator, saying I wanted to come while you had your cock in my mouth.
I set it at the lowest setting and went to work.  It was a good, enthusiastic, drunken slutty blowjob.  I was squirming within a few minutes, that vibrator insistently drawing me towards orgasm.  When I did come, your cock was way down my throat and you were touching my breasts.
Once I came, I lay back panting, vibrator still buzzing gently, and you rolled over onto me.  I was soaking wet and you slid in alongside the vibrator.  You fucked me earnestly, telling me what a good and dirty wife I was being.  You came then, really slamming into me, while I pushed the headboard with my hand to keep my head from slamming into it. 
After you came, I still needed more, and you slipped out but kept pressed against me, on top of me, with your body pressing the vibrator against my body.  When you pulled back to tongue and bite my breasts, the only other stimulation was deep inside me.  It was faint, insistent, almost unbearably tense.  If I had reached down to line the outside of the vibrator against my clit I would have come right away, but I recognized that aching pressure from the internal vibration. 

When I did come, just as you zapped a sharp little bite on my nipple, I felt that flooding, aching release as I came, I felt my ejaculate rush between our bodies, dripping onto the quilt.  I felt so boneless and just... done.  It's almost unbearable to resist some quick clitoral stimulation when I get that far gone, but if I can hold out, it's always worth it.  Even if we have to put the quilt in the laundry.

You took charge and said you wanted to suck my cock while you masturbated with our vibrator.  It always turns me on when you're demanding and assertive in our sex play.  Your mouth closed on my cock and your made little gasps and moans as the vibrator brought you steadily towards climax.  After you came I took you on your back with the u-shaped vibrator still inside you on its gentlest setting.  The vibrator was slick with your natural lubrication and I slid my cock inside you, double-penetrating you comfortably and let the vibrations work their magic on us both. 
I teased and tugged at your nipples with my teeth, sucking at you. Little did I expect your incredible g-spot orgasm, a gusher that flooded literally out of you, soaking our quilt nicely.  It's always so satisfying to me when you ejaculate, and it's cute how you get a little embarrassed whenever it happens.  I gave you a minute, and then after I came, we still had to go through all the vibrator settings to turn the vibrator off with the remote.  My favorite is still the erratic "jackhammer" setting that sounds like a mosquito pounding on a door trying to get in.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I lolled around on the couch in my long bright blue shirt and a very brief little pair of yellow panties.  I'd shaved and moisturised my legs in the bath and my wet hair was making the sheer shirt even more sheer.  I had a little bandeau bra on underneath.  You commented on my outfit, saying I should be doing a dance number in "Beach Blanket Bingo" and we had a very silly 60s dance break while you whistled some Austin Powers music.  You told me you like it when I shimmy, and that I should shimmy more. 
Upstairs I stripped off the shirt and bra and lay on top of the covers on my front, setting my alarm and plugging my phone in.  You ran a hand up the back of my leg to where the scalloped edge of my panties disappeared between my legs.  You stripped off, really aggressively touching me through my panties.  (I have to admit those are mostly "at home" panties because that fetching scalloped trim is itchy.)
I have a tiny fingerprint bruise on my upper arm from where you were holding me tightly in place when you came.

After our 60s dance party, I got you upstairs and out of your shirt-dress.  You looked so appetizing-as you lay on our bed on your stomach. I wanted to devour you as I groped your cunt through your panties and had my way your with you.

Monday, 10 June 2013


Sunday night our guests were gone, our lovely bedroom was our own... and we didn't get a chance.
I'll admit now that I slipped my vibrator out of the drawer as soon as you said goodnight and left the room.  I looked at a "top ten tit fuck" blog entry.  I focused on the sounds the men made as they came.  I didn't start on the lowest vibrator setting.  It took no time at all and I went right to sleep afterward.

Ah hah!  You confess then!  I love the thought of you getting turned on and jerking one out to men grunting and coming on righteous titties.  That doesn't mean I'm not going to discipline your for taking matters into your own hands without permission.  You know you love it.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Three things

1. You once told me that when you were younger you once orgasmed from nipple play alone.  I would like to see that.

2. Straddling you makes me very shy somehow but I always come easily that way.  When I stop, it's usually because It literally feels too good to bear after my first (or second) orgasm.  Double if you are propped up with your mouth or hands on my tits.

3. I know my underwear has gotten increasingly utilitarian and I am planning on getting some fun new things.

1.  Yeah, that nipple thing.  We should go for it.  One of those weird, accidental results from random nipple stimulation.  Let's try try for it. 

2.  I love it when you're on top, especially when there are lights enough to see you.

3. Your underwear is incredible and I love you in and out of it.  But yeah, let's get you into some nice, crotchless* panties.  Or some underwear that is compatible with our remote vibrator for our date next week.

Crotchless?  Tee hee hee!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

sexy shadows

Our house is overflowing with guests.  Last night we just skipped, sadly, other than holding hands while falling asleep.

Tonight you got in late.  Everyone in the house was asleep.  "Can I take you to the basement?" you asked.  I used the washroom and washed my hands and face.  When I came downstairs you had already spread a blanket on the little couch down there and we turned the lights off.  You had an animated candle app open on your phone-- nice touch.  iRomance.  There is a utility light down at the other end of the basement where the washer and dryer is.

I sat on the couch and you unzipped, feeding your cock into my mouth.  You were already hard, and I was turned on too, just the idea of a clandestine fuck in the basement is exciting and naughty.
Then you turned me around.  I pulled my jeans down, kneeling on the couch with you behind me.  You pushed your cock into me while I touched myself.  You handled my breasts under my shirt.  I came that way, my head against the painted brick of the basement.

I pulled my jeans up and sat back down, sucking you.  You seemed close already when you whispered "hey, look at you," and nodded at the wall.  The utility light at the other end was casting a crisp silhouette of you standing, my head and shoulders, and your cock connecting our bodies as it entered my mouth.  I let go of your cock to admire it's shadow.  I stuck my tongue out to lick it so you could see it.  Then I resumed in earnest.

When you came, and it wasn't as long as it usually takes for you to come in my mouth, I choked a little, pulling back as you were spurting down my throat.  "Keep sucking," you said, almost pleading, and I kept my mouth and hand working until you were finished.

Then I pulled back to admire your cock's shadow, curving proudly upward towards your belly. 

(You didn't like it when I made a shadow dog pretending to fellate you.)

Ha ha!  We did it!  Our house full of guests didn't foil us, as we snuck into the basement after all were asleep and, courtesy of a candlelight phone app, had a very romantic romp on the basement couch (covered in a fresh, non-gross blanket).  I could see you silhouetted shadow perfectly as you took my cock with your mouth.  It was freaking glorious.  I pointed it out and as you lapped at my cock with your tongue, we watched your shadow do the same.

I knelt you on the couch so I could bury my cock inside you.  We took turns rubbing your clit and I pinched and teased your nipples as your worked your way to climax.  Then you took my cock in your mouth again and got to serious business.  I came and you ensured I was all cleaned up with your attentive tongue.

Then the shadow-puppet dog came out, apparently barking at my shadow cock.  Very demented indeed.

Friday, 7 June 2013

missed adventure

We have a full house and sleeping arrangements are all jumbled around, so we had no chance last night.  Tomorrow we'll figure out some clandestine arrangement to get our rocks off.

Too many people in this little house.  I was hoping we might chance a back garden adventure, or a basement adventure, or even a bathroom adventure.  You went out to a party though, and by 1am I was too tired to wait up any longer.  When you slipped into bed I roused a little, and we held hands over the sleeping kid between us.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

two ships

Last night we missed.  You collapsed at the end of the evening after close to no sleep the night before.  I missed you terribly, as we were two ships passing, barely seeing each other in person yesterday. 

Hers:Our bedtimes didn't line up again last night and we missed out.  I know we'll get there tonight.  I was so tired I could hardly see straight when I fell into bed and you were working late and not even home yet.
I had a dream of taking a shower with you.  It was only a vague small part of a long otherwise boring dream but we were just hugging, naked, and when I woke up I felt that fleeting detail stick-- the way your body felt on mine.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


You were very verbal and we were definitely role playing.  You were firmly directing me and took ownership of my body.  I handed it over so willingly, I am always in thrall of your confidence on nights like that.

I had trouble reaching orgasm.  I kept getting not... Quite... There!  You asked if I wanted a vibrator but I had been hovering at 9 for ages and I didn't want to fiddle with anything mechanical.  Expertly you turned me over, directed me to use my fingers.  It was with enormous relief that I finally came while you fucked me from behind. 

 After that first climax I easily was able to come again.  It was almost just an aftershock, just before you did.  We were both sweaty afterward and fell asleep instantly, our bodies still spooning.

We had a dirty talk session, I can't remember about what exactly.  There was plenty of daytime head static that made focusing on the moment tricky, and usually dirty talk does the trick.  You got close...real close, a couple of times and it seemed you were frustrated, so you turned onto your stomach and added a little manual stimulation.  Your body looks so great and I love seeing your beautiful ass, willing and working as I move inside you.  I wasn't sure if you were going to get there and I asked if you wanted our vibrating toy and you sad no and, sure enough, you shuddered and came and bucked a little and I followed suit.
You're such a multi-orgasmic wonder that I sometimes take it for granted that many couples struggle much of the time for their elusive orgasms.  We're both fortunate that's not the case with us!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

in the night

Last night you came into the bed long after I went to sleep.  I would guess this is maybe the 10th time in our ten years that I have ever turned down sex. 

That middle of the night, half awake sex is almost always instigated by you.  Usually you pounce quite abruptly, talking very dirty in my ear with strong hands touching me all over.  We've had nights where we weren't even sure who made the first move.

Last night though I was just completely exhausted. I did tell you to "try me" when you came in even as I warned I might just be too tired.  I was tired all day today, stupid and slow with it, but there is no way I'm skipping two nights in a row. 

I'm about to get into a hot bath and then I will be all over you.

In The Night is the theme of this post.  There have been times when we've done it in the middle of the night and then, next morning, the awkward question of, "Were you awake when we started?" Sometimes we're unsure who initiated even, but never sorry when we fit in a bonus round sometime between midnight and morning.

Last night I came into bed very, very late and your stirred, but were too tired to rouse to the occasion.  Other times, we've done it and then fallen asleep, and then stirred and gone for a second round and when we look at the clock afterwards only a few minutes had passed in between rounds.

There's something primal about our middle-of-the-night sex.  Like we're awoken by a deep-seated, ravenous need.  I love that you reciprocate my insistent and demanding appetites after waking up from deep sleeps.

Monday, 3 June 2013


Got home extra late last night and it was cold in our room, windows open. You lay on my side under the blankets, naked after your shower, with your pillow so you could warm up my side and not get my pillow damp with your wet hair. 

As we made out you started masturbating in ernest (*left this typo in) which I don't get to see very often, and was a super turn on. We discussed as we fucked how, going forward, we may have opportunities to keep you in your wifely place, one of which means you touch yourself on command. The idea of that turns me on incredibly...

The night before last I had trouble getting to orgasm so I decided to give myself a boost at the start of things last night.  You enjoyed it, putting your fingers on mine so you could feel what I was doing.

We used to have "double solo" nights from time to time, where we'd just watch each other.  We haven't done that in a while.  I was always torn, because there is basically nothing more arousing to me than watching you, but at the end of the day I almost always really, really just want to get fucked.  You can't have your peep show and fuck it, too.  Isn't that the saying?

At any length, last night you took charge and stopped me before my climax, and you definitely fucked me thoroughly.  We had that rare simultaneous orgasm and then we were instantly asleep.

Sunday, 2 June 2013


I just watched a very drunk young man (maybe 18-19) try to walk his bike home.  I sat on the front steps and saw him come around the corner.

The man and his bike were weaving at first.

Then the bike fell over.  Then the young man fell over.

he began to go up the front steps of a house that wasn't his.  When he realized his mistake, he got the bike halfway through the bed of hostas before giving up to regroup by trying to lie down on a very narrow retaining wall.  He then rolled off.  Laughing but concerned I called over to ask if he was ok.  I AM FINE THANK YOU MADAM he bawled, before bursting into peals of laughter.

After a time, he got to his feet and tried to pick his bike up by the front tire.

He abandoned his bike, waved theatrically goodbye to it before knee-walking the final 20 feet to his house.  Whew.  It took him 15 minutes to get half a block.

Drunk sex, like drunk bike walking, is generally not the easiest.  Sure we might have lower inhibitions but sometimes someone gets nauseated or sad.  Worst of all is when we do something I know was amazing but I can barely remember it.

We don't drink heavily these days, and that is JUST FINE THANK YOU MADAM.

Drunk sex has its place. Especially early in our relationship when we were more inhibited and getting to know each other's preferences and tastes. I'll always me grateful to the martinis that led to our first instance of you "giving up the butt." Thank you, manhattans!

Saturday, 1 June 2013


We're long past the days of condom sex, but I remember those times well. Peeling the condom and then trying to guess which way was the outside before taking one out, screwing up, realizing you have it inside out and tossing it, grabbing another to try again. 

Also, we used to use, for double protection, some little square "fizzy things" spermicide protection. They took 15 minutes to kick in so we'd be making out, then you'd grab one of those, insert it, and we'd have another 10 or 15 minute make out session while we waited. The little delay probably added some intimacy at the time but  I makes me grateful to be condom free finally!

They didn't fizz so I  not sure why we called those spermicidal films "fizzy things" anyway.  I am glad they don't fizz.  Nobody wants a frothing vagina.

When we were younger and poorer, I remember we took on a shady transcription project and used the cash to pay for my IUD.  

I admit condoms turn me on.  Something about the smell and the feel of your cock through the lubricated latex.  I guess it's kind of like feeling each other up through our clothes- intimate plus a barrier?  Not sure.  The only downside is mid-coitus fellatio is off the table, because even though I find condoms sexy, I can't bear having one in my mouth.