Saturday, 29 June 2013

Man of Steel

What do you do when you find a sex position that works great, but you're not sure the name of it?  You want to have some way to signal your desire for said posture, but don't want to spoil the moment by grasping with descriptives and gestures and, "you know, the one we did the one time..."  Anyway, we discovered a sweet position starting in missionary and then I get on my knees and this provides the perfect angle.  You were hovering so close to orgasm as I knelt while inside you, it was beautiful to see.  Now you're on your trip this weekend and I miss you terribly, but we're both posting tonight anyway, so at least we have a virtual connection to last night's escapades, which were tender and intense all at once.  And that position?  We named it "Man of Steel."

We were looking down the barrel of a few nights apart again.  I wasn't sure if we'd get down to it at all, but It worked out in the end.  I had splashed myself with cool water but not actually showered.  I wandered around in  cotton pants, topless, starting some laundry and gathering things to pack.
When we were both finally in bed together you pulled me toward you.  Your skin felt warm against mine. I love the way your body hair feels against my skin.

You straddled me and I lubed up my hands to stroke you.  You pinched and tugged at my nipples while I stroked you with both hands.  You slid into me like that, warm and heavy on top of me.
Later, you sat up, knees on either side of me, swinging in and out of me, pulling at my body from the inside.

We named that specific position, one that's hard to explain.  We laughed about our name ("man of steel") as we were falling asleep.

I curled my bare cool front against your bare warm back and fell asleep easier than I thought I would.

I miss you.

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