Sunday, 2 June 2013


I just watched a very drunk young man (maybe 18-19) try to walk his bike home.  I sat on the front steps and saw him come around the corner.

The man and his bike were weaving at first.

Then the bike fell over.  Then the young man fell over.

he began to go up the front steps of a house that wasn't his.  When he realized his mistake, he got the bike halfway through the bed of hostas before giving up to regroup by trying to lie down on a very narrow retaining wall.  He then rolled off.  Laughing but concerned I called over to ask if he was ok.  I AM FINE THANK YOU MADAM he bawled, before bursting into peals of laughter.

After a time, he got to his feet and tried to pick his bike up by the front tire.

He abandoned his bike, waved theatrically goodbye to it before knee-walking the final 20 feet to his house.  Whew.  It took him 15 minutes to get half a block.

Drunk sex, like drunk bike walking, is generally not the easiest.  Sure we might have lower inhibitions but sometimes someone gets nauseated or sad.  Worst of all is when we do something I know was amazing but I can barely remember it.

We don't drink heavily these days, and that is JUST FINE THANK YOU MADAM.

Drunk sex has its place. Especially early in our relationship when we were more inhibited and getting to know each other's preferences and tastes. I'll always me grateful to the martinis that led to our first instance of you "giving up the butt." Thank you, manhattans!

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