Tuesday, 18 June 2013

hands behind her back

Last night I directed you to get on your knees on the bed. I positioned you on your stomach on a pillow.  I took you nice and hard and fast at points, thrusting deep inside you.  As I was working, I took your hands and folded them behind your back and whispered that I was going to come on your ass.  That seemed to get you going even more and you'd come once already and I could feel my orgasm surfacing.  By the time neared erupting you came again, tight, clenching, shuddering.  I pulled out and I came on your ass.

As we slept you got super-heated and it felt so nice to be next to you.

I have an extra eroticised reaction to bodies through clothes.  Last night we were browsing a touch of smut in bed.  I had my bra and underwear on, that new bra and the black and white panties you admire.  I had my hair up in a messy knot and you were fully dressed.  You had your big male body draped across the bed in a tshirt and some dapper shorts.  Your shirt was riding up, showing your lean hairy stomach.

I rubbed my face in the hair there, smelling your skin.  I pressed my cheek against your shorts, feeling you hard against me.  You took the shorts on and left the underwear.  I took my bra off and curled up against you to rub my mouth over your cock through your underwear.

Soon enough we were naked, and you told me to get on my knees.  I knelt in front of you, with you lining up behind me.  You put a pillow under my chest and bent me over.  You fucked me that way until I was laying flat, draped over the pillow.  I was not quite reaching climax until you pulled your knees forward.  With your body perpendicular to mine like that your cock tugs on me inside, rearranging and pressing on all sorts of secret places.  The penetration is shallower but god, it's so intense. 

When I finally, finally come you weren't far behind.  I don't know if I came more than once or it it was just really prolonged. 

When you came, it was explosive.  You pulled out and spurted come across my ass.  You were holding my hands behind me and the last drops fell on my hands.  I rubbed my fingers in it.  I was exhausted, limp, but I thought about going for a victory lap feeling your semen starting to drip down the curves of my butt. 

You wiped me off tenderly.

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