Wednesday, 5 June 2013


You were very verbal and we were definitely role playing.  You were firmly directing me and took ownership of my body.  I handed it over so willingly, I am always in thrall of your confidence on nights like that.

I had trouble reaching orgasm.  I kept getting not... Quite... There!  You asked if I wanted a vibrator but I had been hovering at 9 for ages and I didn't want to fiddle with anything mechanical.  Expertly you turned me over, directed me to use my fingers.  It was with enormous relief that I finally came while you fucked me from behind. 

 After that first climax I easily was able to come again.  It was almost just an aftershock, just before you did.  We were both sweaty afterward and fell asleep instantly, our bodies still spooning.

We had a dirty talk session, I can't remember about what exactly.  There was plenty of daytime head static that made focusing on the moment tricky, and usually dirty talk does the trick.  You got close...real close, a couple of times and it seemed you were frustrated, so you turned onto your stomach and added a little manual stimulation.  Your body looks so great and I love seeing your beautiful ass, willing and working as I move inside you.  I wasn't sure if you were going to get there and I asked if you wanted our vibrating toy and you sad no and, sure enough, you shuddered and came and bucked a little and I followed suit.
You're such a multi-orgasmic wonder that I sometimes take it for granted that many couples struggle much of the time for their elusive orgasms.  We're both fortunate that's not the case with us!

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