Thursday, 20 June 2013


We're running on fumes of sleep.  I fantasize about using the interfaith room at work to nap.  As I dragged myself up the stairs I knew I needed a bath but was desperate for sleep.  I aimed for a quick bath but while I was letting the conditioner soak into my hair I fell asleep.  I woke up with a start when my nose skimmed the water line.  The water had cooled.

You were waiting patiently and even as tired as I was, my body stirred at the sight of you sprawled and waiting on the bed.

Feeling receptive but too exhausted to chase orgasm I requested a little mechanical assistance and we pulled in our pal the little vibrator.*  I slipped it in, clicked it on, and we made out a bit, my cunt responding easily and automatically.   With a little lube you slid snugly in alongside the internal arm of the vibrator.  You were behind me at first, but that pushes the outside arm away from my clit where it is most direct, so you withdrew and some comfortable missionary got us both off.  I'm amazed we didn't just fall asleep then and there until the battery ran dead.

As always we laughed as we clicked through the 'other' settings of the vibrator that you have to cycle through to turn it off.  No matter how exhausted we were... we'd made it.

*We have used it not infrequently in the past few months- it's a WeVibe 3.

Sleepy?  Exhausted?  Still want to fuck?  Of course we do!  We grabbed some help from our vibrating pal and let technology do its wonders.  Hey, when you do it every day, or at least aspire to, a little lazycourse, as we've termed it, is expected and ever welcomed!

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