Saturday, 1 June 2013


We're long past the days of condom sex, but I remember those times well. Peeling the condom and then trying to guess which way was the outside before taking one out, screwing up, realizing you have it inside out and tossing it, grabbing another to try again. 

Also, we used to use, for double protection, some little square "fizzy things" spermicide protection. They took 15 minutes to kick in so we'd be making out, then you'd grab one of those, insert it, and we'd have another 10 or 15 minute make out session while we waited. The little delay probably added some intimacy at the time but  I makes me grateful to be condom free finally!

They didn't fizz so I  not sure why we called those spermicidal films "fizzy things" anyway.  I am glad they don't fizz.  Nobody wants a frothing vagina.

When we were younger and poorer, I remember we took on a shady transcription project and used the cash to pay for my IUD.  

I admit condoms turn me on.  Something about the smell and the feel of your cock through the lubricated latex.  I guess it's kind of like feeling each other up through our clothes- intimate plus a barrier?  Not sure.  The only downside is mid-coitus fellatio is off the table, because even though I find condoms sexy, I can't bear having one in my mouth.

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