Tuesday, 4 June 2013

in the night

Last night you came into the bed long after I went to sleep.  I would guess this is maybe the 10th time in our ten years that I have ever turned down sex. 

That middle of the night, half awake sex is almost always instigated by you.  Usually you pounce quite abruptly, talking very dirty in my ear with strong hands touching me all over.  We've had nights where we weren't even sure who made the first move.

Last night though I was just completely exhausted. I did tell you to "try me" when you came in even as I warned I might just be too tired.  I was tired all day today, stupid and slow with it, but there is no way I'm skipping two nights in a row. 

I'm about to get into a hot bath and then I will be all over you.

In The Night is the theme of this post.  There have been times when we've done it in the middle of the night and then, next morning, the awkward question of, "Were you awake when we started?" Sometimes we're unsure who initiated even, but never sorry when we fit in a bonus round sometime between midnight and morning.

Last night I came into bed very, very late and your stirred, but were too tired to rouse to the occasion.  Other times, we've done it and then fallen asleep, and then stirred and gone for a second round and when we look at the clock afterwards only a few minutes had passed in between rounds.

There's something primal about our middle-of-the-night sex.  Like we're awoken by a deep-seated, ravenous need.  I love that you reciprocate my insistent and demanding appetites after waking up from deep sleeps.

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