Tuesday, 25 June 2013

sleep debt

Our sleep debt is spiraling. It seems like we fall behind more every day.  When you came into bed I was staring at my phone trying not to fall asleep.  I felt like if I dozed off you'd never be able to wake me.  It was sticky hot in the bedroom and we had fans going.

You stripped out of your clothes and lay flat on the bed.  I ran my hands over your torso, scratching at your chest hair.  I took your half hard cock into my mouth, pumping a little with my hand.  I let my teeth scrape you a little and you made appreciative sounds.  You had one hand resting on the bed, palm up, lightly holding my breast as I leaned over you.

When you eased me onto my back, it was hard to climax.  I was so tired, it was like the muscles refused to quite get there.  It was such a flooding relief and I think you were holding back for me because you came right after.

We were both exhausted and when I came in you were nearly asleep. You roused and you went down on me and then I took you on your back, alternating shallow and deep motions.  Your orgasm came after being a little elusive, and then mine followed and we both collapsed, content.

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