Wednesday, 19 June 2013

broken doorbell

You were taking directions.  I was on my back, and you were at my feet.  I had you take my cock in your mouth, and I directed you to look up at me for my approval periodically as you worked you lips along my shaft.  There's something so hot about meeting you gaze as you swallow my cock with such devotion.

Then the sex took a comic or, possibly, tragic turn.  In my enthusiasm, I turned you over and while furiously whispering naughty suggestions into your ear, I made an impulsive move into your, um, rear entrance.  I guess it's best to knock first because after about 2 seconds you shut the whole thing down.

Not sure what I expected.  We were joking about it right away, fortunately, and I felt very sheepish.  No harm done, you assured me.

We had been out together, watching some bluegrass-ish music in a dive bar before walking home.

When we got home we went to bed as soon as we could.  I stripped off my clothes and took a flash-quick shower.  When I came in, hair up as you'd requested, you were ready to take charge.

You wanted me to look up at you.  This seems to really turn you on, for me to kneel over your lap and look up while I suck your cock.  You handled my breasts and fucked my mouth as I looked up at you.  "I think you know what I want next," you said when you were telling me how much you like me looking at you with my mouth full of cock.

Something went wrong- when you posed me on my knees and lined up behind me, rubbing and cupping my whole pussy, spreading my wetness all around.  As it turns out, I didn't know what you had wanted next.  I thought you wanted to dive right into my cunt.  You dove... not into my cunt. 

Without my intentional relaxing (and let's face it we usually go into the 'backyard' after drinking a little) it wasn't great.  As soon as I could find the words I ordered you out.  I was actually shaking from the combination of arousal, surprise and straight up pain.

I retreated abruptly to the washroom to splash some cold water on myself.  This is not a topic covered in first aid courses, and I have never treated myself for anal shock so that seemed the most prudent thing.  Within a few minutes I was fine, and came back into the room laughing to assure you nothing was permanently rent asunder.  Back in the bedroom you had freshened yourself up and were sitting up in bed, waiting with concern written all over your face. You were a bit hesitant after that, holding and kissing me gently. 

I asked you to fuck me.  (I wasn't specific where I wanted you to fuck me, but fortunately we were on the same page by now.)  You did.

The next day (only minor lingering soreness the next morning by the way) you were talking about our friend who has a broken doorbell, so you ring and ring standing outside his house before you finally text message him.  We burst out laughing.  Send a text next time!  I'd be happy let you in!

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