Saturday, 15 June 2013

an admirable work ethic

You had retreated to the quiet upstairs to get some work done.  You sat at that rough little table we have in the bay window in our bedroom.  The house was quiet and the dishwasher was running and I was ready for bed.

First I leaned over your chair, looking at what you were doing.  Then I knelt next to your chair, pretending to be absorbed in what I was reading.  I let my breast brush along your arm.  I didn't fool you-- you closed your laptop and rolled backward a little in your chair, turning so I was kneeling between your knees.  I took that as an invitation and unbuckled your belt, unzipped your jeans and reached inside. You shifted forward in the chair and held my hair off to one side as I slid your half-erect cock into my mouth.  You were surging back instantly, sighing as you hardened immediately.  I went at it in earnest, listening to you whisper praise as I sucked you.  When you came, you were pushing your hips up toward my mouth.

You stripped your clothes off and pushed my nightgown up and returned the favour.

You brought a delightful highlight to my work session this evening.  By the desk upstairs where I was set up, I found you hovering nearby and the next thing I knew you were unbuckling my belt and taking my cock out, sucking me with deep, long strokes that took me far back into your throat.  As you  worked on my cock, I fondled your breasts through your nightgown  You were sucking hard and with intent and I let my orgasm wash over me.  After I was done you lay back on the bed in your white nightgown that I love some much.  I lifted the thin fabric, exposing your trimmed pussy, wet, and ready for my tongue.

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