Thursday, 13 June 2013


First of all, I came home half cut.  I had a reception for a new project at work with a few glasses of wine, and then met a friend at a bar.  We talked about sex, sex writing, and anonymity.  I lost track of my drinks there and suddenly, I'd had too many.  I had planned on walking home but I jumped in a cab.
I rambled on, we watched an episode of Game of Thrones.  I took a bath.  You were waiting for me when I came out all scrubbed and brushed and oiled.  I slid into bed.  You pulled my head towards your offered cock which was already hard.  (Were you reading something naughty perhaps?)  I was more forthright than usual, and before I put your cock in my mouth I got out a vibrator, saying I wanted to come while you had your cock in my mouth.
I set it at the lowest setting and went to work.  It was a good, enthusiastic, drunken slutty blowjob.  I was squirming within a few minutes, that vibrator insistently drawing me towards orgasm.  When I did come, your cock was way down my throat and you were touching my breasts.
Once I came, I lay back panting, vibrator still buzzing gently, and you rolled over onto me.  I was soaking wet and you slid in alongside the vibrator.  You fucked me earnestly, telling me what a good and dirty wife I was being.  You came then, really slamming into me, while I pushed the headboard with my hand to keep my head from slamming into it. 
After you came, I still needed more, and you slipped out but kept pressed against me, on top of me, with your body pressing the vibrator against my body.  When you pulled back to tongue and bite my breasts, the only other stimulation was deep inside me.  It was faint, insistent, almost unbearably tense.  If I had reached down to line the outside of the vibrator against my clit I would have come right away, but I recognized that aching pressure from the internal vibration. 

When I did come, just as you zapped a sharp little bite on my nipple, I felt that flooding, aching release as I came, I felt my ejaculate rush between our bodies, dripping onto the quilt.  I felt so boneless and just... done.  It's almost unbearable to resist some quick clitoral stimulation when I get that far gone, but if I can hold out, it's always worth it.  Even if we have to put the quilt in the laundry.

You took charge and said you wanted to suck my cock while you masturbated with our vibrator.  It always turns me on when you're demanding and assertive in our sex play.  Your mouth closed on my cock and your made little gasps and moans as the vibrator brought you steadily towards climax.  After you came I took you on your back with the u-shaped vibrator still inside you on its gentlest setting.  The vibrator was slick with your natural lubrication and I slid my cock inside you, double-penetrating you comfortably and let the vibrations work their magic on us both. 
I teased and tugged at your nipples with my teeth, sucking at you. Little did I expect your incredible g-spot orgasm, a gusher that flooded literally out of you, soaking our quilt nicely.  It's always so satisfying to me when you ejaculate, and it's cute how you get a little embarrassed whenever it happens.  I gave you a minute, and then after I came, we still had to go through all the vibrator settings to turn the vibrator off with the remote.  My favorite is still the erratic "jackhammer" setting that sounds like a mosquito pounding on a door trying to get in.

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