Friday, 14 June 2013

boot camp

I walked into the bedroom in just my jeans.  You were reading on the bed and I watched you watching me walk around topless.  I got undressed and started to get under the covers and you told me to get on my knees.

I knelt next to the bed and took you into my mouth.  You doled out a playful punishment for transgressions earlier in the week.  I counted your little light spanks.  As I knelt there with you in my mouth and your fingers teasing at my nipples, I could feel my cunt swelling with excitement.

You directed me to lay on my front and spread my legs.  You fucked me like that, with your hand wedged underneath to touch my tits.  I came with relief.  You were squeezing and moulding my ass with your hands.

After you came I was just short of my second orgasm.  We rolled together to one side, your cock still inside me, and I touched myself to get the rest of the way.  I love how your legs felt all hairy and muscular against mine as you curled around me.

When you climbed into bed naked, I suggested we begin with your punishment for masturbating without permission earlier this week.  Does that sound fair, I ask.  You say yes.  I know part of your would be disappointed if I just let slide.  I gave you a light pussy spanking and by the time I was done your were soaked and ready for my cock.  I obliged and took you from behind.  I fantasize about having a weekend alone with you in a hotel where I can have my stern way with you as much as I want.  A loving wife boot camp, you might say, with some discipline thrown in and a little obedience training.  Would that be good for you, I ask.  In the throes of sex, you answer again, yes.

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