Saturday, 8 June 2013

sexy shadows

Our house is overflowing with guests.  Last night we just skipped, sadly, other than holding hands while falling asleep.

Tonight you got in late.  Everyone in the house was asleep.  "Can I take you to the basement?" you asked.  I used the washroom and washed my hands and face.  When I came downstairs you had already spread a blanket on the little couch down there and we turned the lights off.  You had an animated candle app open on your phone-- nice touch.  iRomance.  There is a utility light down at the other end of the basement where the washer and dryer is.

I sat on the couch and you unzipped, feeding your cock into my mouth.  You were already hard, and I was turned on too, just the idea of a clandestine fuck in the basement is exciting and naughty.
Then you turned me around.  I pulled my jeans down, kneeling on the couch with you behind me.  You pushed your cock into me while I touched myself.  You handled my breasts under my shirt.  I came that way, my head against the painted brick of the basement.

I pulled my jeans up and sat back down, sucking you.  You seemed close already when you whispered "hey, look at you," and nodded at the wall.  The utility light at the other end was casting a crisp silhouette of you standing, my head and shoulders, and your cock connecting our bodies as it entered my mouth.  I let go of your cock to admire it's shadow.  I stuck my tongue out to lick it so you could see it.  Then I resumed in earnest.

When you came, and it wasn't as long as it usually takes for you to come in my mouth, I choked a little, pulling back as you were spurting down my throat.  "Keep sucking," you said, almost pleading, and I kept my mouth and hand working until you were finished.

Then I pulled back to admire your cock's shadow, curving proudly upward towards your belly. 

(You didn't like it when I made a shadow dog pretending to fellate you.)

Ha ha!  We did it!  Our house full of guests didn't foil us, as we snuck into the basement after all were asleep and, courtesy of a candlelight phone app, had a very romantic romp on the basement couch (covered in a fresh, non-gross blanket).  I could see you silhouetted shadow perfectly as you took my cock with your mouth.  It was freaking glorious.  I pointed it out and as you lapped at my cock with your tongue, we watched your shadow do the same.

I knelt you on the couch so I could bury my cock inside you.  We took turns rubbing your clit and I pinched and teased your nipples as your worked your way to climax.  Then you took my cock in your mouth again and got to serious business.  I came and you ensured I was all cleaned up with your attentive tongue.

Then the shadow-puppet dog came out, apparently barking at my shadow cock.  Very demented indeed.

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