Sunday, 16 June 2013


I'd mentioned a handjob video clip I'd seen the other night and we decided to watch it.  It was remarkable only because of its unusual technique and the lady's bright red, long fingernails.  She worked that knob with abandon, switching grips readily, and playing that cock like it was a damn jazz instrument.  Not sure how much of a turn-on the video it was, but it was something to ponder, definitely. 

After the video was done, I kissed you along your breasts and belly and legs and licked your pussy gently, flicking my tongue around and along your clit.  I gripped your ass with my hands and massaged your sides and your thighs as I licked.  I groped at your tits and sucked at your clit.

We fucked and after you came we rolled over with you on top and you rode my cock and we came simultaneously.  You were holding off until you could feel me coming, you said.  Our synchronicity was glorious.

I didn't have a bath even though I needed one.  Earlier I asked if you wanted to watch something (meaning TV) and you said "I want tto watch you take your clothes off."  Upstairs we went.

You did not, however, watch me take my clothes off.  I took my shirt off, standing there in my white bra and jeans.  You were distracted.  I made rather a meal out of slowly stripping down to naked but you were occupied.

As it turns out you were busy finding a handjob video you had enjoyed.  We watched it together.  It was rather weird and still sexy.

You nudged my legs apart and put your mouth to work.  I got close to orgasm more than once, and I really, REALLY wanted to come.  I never quite got there, and when you sat back I sat up and returned the oral favour.  You old me how to suck, and praised my efforts, before telling me exactly how to position myself.  

You slid your cock in while I lay spread in the bed, knees bent.  I was so ready and wound up that within a few minutes I was coming around you as you fucked me.  I'd been told to make no noise and I choked back any sounds.

Then you had me lick you, clean your cock up, taste myself on you.

I finished straddling you at your request, coming violently and helplessly again as you ground your hips up against my body.  I beat you by a few moments but I could feel you spurting up into me as your hands tightened in my hips. 

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