Sunday, 31 March 2013

sex, wine, and general debauchery

This week you have a surprise for me. Something that requires a suit. I'm sure it's something PG, but in my imagination I picture an Eyes Wide Shut type masquerade. We'll attend a formal orgy. A secret society where half naked men and women congregate, lots of public sex, wine, and general debauchery.
I remember our early dabble into sex clubs. We were always so excited. You with your cupless bra and corset. We'd make out and I'd lead you around. A little light spanking to go with the champagne. Both our natural tendencies - my voyeur and your exhibitionist - were well met. Maybe again sometime soon?

Last night with your jeans on and nothing else. Again, you earned your right to strip them off. I love it when you hold me in your mouth, nearly still, making my cock jolt with each tiny movement. 

You were in bed before me yesterday. I came in and stripped my sweater off, looking at you looking at my red bra. I unhooked that and took it off too, massaging my breasts as they tingled in the cool air of the bedroom.  I stretched out on the bed next, I think. Still in my jeans. This time those new high waisted ones. I ran my lips over your stomach, your cock. You directed me to remove my jeans and I did, but you had me leave on my underwear.
That thong is an old one- do you remember when I bought it? It went with that corset I wore to that theme night New Year's Eve party.  

You pushed it to the side to slide your fingers  inside me from behind. It tangled around my ankles when you worked it down my legs.  You put a pillow under my hips, pressed my head down into the mattress.  Later when you turned me over I was arched up over the pillow. I feel extra exposed that way, my tits thrust up towards you.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

following direction

You set the mood completely when I came in and you were kneeling at the foot of the bed, wearing only your perfectly fitting jeans.  I made you earn your right to remove them, ensuring you paid adequate attention to my needs.  You're so devoted in your service to my cock. 

I love being your guide and, when the mood strikes, reversing our usual roles and being your devotee.  You can tell me what to do, how to do it, and for how long.  You can force me to fulfill your every desire with no concern for my own well-being or sexual frustration.  You can punish me for any transgressions, real or invented.  You can bite me, tease me, pinch my nipples, force me to my knees.  Straddle me and come on my thighs, like I know you love to.  Put my tongue to work.  My fingers.  I'll massage you, lick every inch of you.  Obey your every command.  Just say the word.

I went out with the ladies and was out pretty late. When I got home we watched some cheesy dated softcore and mostly just laughed. (Sometimes the cheesy softcore hits the spot and really turns us on, admit it!)

I got ready for bed and when you took you turn in the bathroom I stripped to my jeans and waited for you at the foot of the bed as you assigned. You petted my hair and my bare back before presenting your cock to me. You were already so hard. You told me exactly how I needed to serve you if I wanted those jeans off.  I felt extra compliant and followed your instructions in a daze of arousal.  When you direct me I feel all background thoughts and hang ups melt away and I revert to some primal desperate place.

You rewarded me wonderfully. My final orgasm was against my own frantic fingers while your come landed on my skin.

It was a good friday indeed.

Friday, 29 March 2013


It started with a bubble bath to unwind after a long week. We soaked and watched ridiculous music videos by a red-haired harp-strumming maenad. 

You were relaxed by the time we got out. You were warming the covers for me. In bed, we decided to update our blog. Thinking and writing about sex is excellent foreplay. After we had written them I began posting them on the site. I directed you to suck my cock while I did this administrative task. I love how willing you are. You suck with such devotion and care. You've become a veteran cocksucker and you have different methods to suit the occasion. There's submissive, devoted sucking, which is slow and almost idolatrous. There's getting-her-done sucking that I love so much, the no holds barred, vigorous, gentle scraping with teeth sucking that is service-like and I can bring out of you best after you've had a good come and inhibitions have dropped. This was the former and I love every second of it.
I thought the bath would be sexy but it really wasn't. It was pleasant and we laughed but I was self conscious about my unshaven legs and the water cooled pretty rapidly.

I remember some amazing baths in Paris when we bought all those beautiful oranges. They were so fragrant but completely flavorless so we put them in a steaming hot bath and they bobbed in the water around us. Those were sexy baths. 

Last night though we dried ourselves instead of each other (lotioned ourselves too).  Once we were in bed we each wrote a blog entry and then, sitting against the headboard you had me take your cock in my mouth while you posted it.
We took our time and by the time you were slipping out of me and curling your body around me I could barely keep my eyes open. What a great sleep. 

I love you so much.  Even if you make me listed to Celtic harp music while I take my bath, you still let me have the good end of the tub while you sit against the tap. I'm so lucky.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

She blew me while I posted this

I read our posts to date on the streetcar on the way home. I wondered if anyone was trying to read over my shoulder. (We all do it.)

Last night is a bit of a blur. We were both exhausted and I had been drinking smoky mezcal after dinner with our friends. I do remember being in bed and naked when you got in. I do remember coming after you did, while rubbing your back muscles, with you laying warm and satisfied between my legs.

You teased me about my weeks assignment-- I am supposed to greet you topless and in jeans every night. Have you spent some time thinking about my jeans? I saw a pair of jeans in a motorcycle shop that I want to go try on. Maybe a good date night would be me trying on some clothes for you?

She gets weekly assignments. They're carried out depending on the day's level of busy-ness and time and energy available by both of us. Often they set the stage for our sex that week or evening. Past assignments have been for her to begin our nightly sex ritual kneeling at the side of the bed. Often just this is enough to get me stiff and her in a submissive and horny mindset. From there, I'll position her as I see fit, or sit by her where she's nicely kneeling to give me head.

Another time her weekly pose was kneeling naked on some pillows on her stomach, ready to receive my cock with or without extra foreplay.

Our dirty talk last night was directing her to go the long weekend with instructions to come to bed wearing only her jeans. She'll earn the right to remove them or, otherwise, satisfy me and then go without. I'm always threatening to have her service me and then leave her hanging. Let the tension build up over days, a week. It never seems to get to that (her pussy's always too tempting) but the thought is another layer of excitement.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


We're back in our proper bed, at last. You've been waiting, wearing your good girl nightgown. As I get in, you make for my cock. You're lusty, understandably, the last few days have been a build up of sexual frustration and tension. Your lips find my hard cock and you're swallowing it so deeply. I can feel my head bumping against the back if your throat.
I want you every way possible and I'm demanding. I take you from behind. I lift your nightgown and press my cock deep inside you. Seems like you're on the verge of coming right away. I have to be careful, I'm so turned on I don't want to come right away. I hold back a little while I whisper into your ear and tell you how I'm going to come. "All over your ass and nightgown." After I do you say you could feel my hot come through your thin nighty. I'm so glad we have our room back so I can get back into doing all the wonderful and naughty things that we love. 

We got our bedroom back! Our airy spacious bedroom with mirrors and soft grey sheets and a door that locks.  I climbed into bed with my long white nightgown on. I laid on your side to warm up the sheets for you while you got ready for bed.
I couldn't get you into my mouth fast enough. I was sucking you down as you slid a hand down my nightgown and made me gasp around your cock by pinching my nipples.  You were hefting my breast in your hand as I ran my tongue around you.

I was squirming and clenching my thighs together already and you lifted me to straddle your leg as you kissed me and squeezed my ass.  My first (long overdue) orgasm was from your thigh pressed against my cunt as I grinded on you.  It seemed like it had been forever-- we hadn't even had a chance to let off any steam for ourselves.  In a week we had sex I believe 4 times and one of those times was a hurried few minutes in the basement.

We did a lot of filthy things last night. You were like a dirty talk poet.  My nightgown was unbuttoned and pushed up but never came off and you ended by pulling out and spurting come onto me.  I could feel it lashing hotly across the small of my back through the gauzy cotton.

I was totally wrung out by the time we went to sleep. My legs were shaky. 

My stomach muscles were sore this morning.

Hey thanks Fleshbot, for the repost! We're not too shameless to blush.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Getting To Know You


I first met my husband when he chatted me up in a public place.   A total stranger.

My husband is curious and he is funny. He has a lithe muscular body with defined yoga arms and legs like a Tour de France winner. He is always kind to children. He is creative, ambitious, hardworking, politically engaged and morally upright. And he is kinky.

He is a generous and enthusiastic lover who is earthy and uninhibited. He is well mannered and cerebral outside the home and dominant and sexually determined behind closed doors.

He is a gourmet when it comes to sex. Unhurried and savouring with attention to detail and presentation. He can be so primal and crude with what he whispers in my ear while his fingers are gently gently touching me. He feasts on sex and always praises my body. All he has to do is whisper some filthy delicious command and it's always just what I am frantic to do.

Some time ago we decided to opt in- have sex be the routine instead of the Saturday night special. We love sex, love to talk about sex we've had or want to have. This little writing project is maybe part exhibitionism, part tutorial, part ongoing love letter.

Lots of people are married or partnered and we are surprised at how few people seem to have opted in to everyday sex.


Today's theme is Getting To Know You, so allow me to introduce you to my wife. She is an orgasm fiend. She comes way, WAY easier, faster, harder than any woman I've been with.

She loves to suck my cock. For her, it's the most direct foreplay and nothing makes her wet faster.

She's submissive sexually. Nothing depraved or extreme, but she prefers to be directed in bed. We're compatible in this we've discovered over the course of our marriage.

We don't have as much time as we'd like to fulfill our wildest sexual fantasies, but we're getting kinkier as time goes by. She loves a spanking.

She's smart and witty and beautiful. Early 30s. Great tits. Junk in the trunk that gives me a hard-on just thinking about.

This blog was her inspiration. It took me a couple years to take the plunge.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Looking forward

Thinking about France in winter. Driving with you through frosty fields. Bottle of wine every day. Freezing cold house, huddled by the fireplace, the one warm spot. Fucking beneath the cozy duvet. Thinking about our late December plans: a sex club in Paris. Our nervous, drunk introduction to private-public sex. A multi-coursed meal. You with your Betty Page haircut. Too much wine. Then we head to the floor below. Sectioned off lounges. Couples petting and kissing around us. We fuck while others hover, not staring but not looking away either. This is a hurried description, will revisit this in future entries. But it was proof that we're adventurous with many more adventure to come.

Let's see. I'm going to fantasize about what we would do if we had a house to ourselves.

I think we might have a bath. We have that huge deep tub and we've hardly ever taken a bath together. You'd sit behind me and soap your hands and run them all over me. I would be nestled back against your lap and as you washed me I would feel you getting hard.

Maybe we'd towel off and go into the bedroom and lotion each other. You would massage all over me. Then my turn- you know how lotion inch always ends. I'd kneel down, rubbing lotion down your legs, all business, brushing a shoulder against your upper thigh. My breath on your cock. Not long before I am pressing my lips against your hipbone, your stomach. Rubbing my face against the soft hair on your belly,

Of course I'd slide my lips around your cock. I love when you stand and I kneel and hold your ass while you rock into my mouth.

God I can't wait to really linger with you in my mouth.


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Basement romp

The basement? Really? I don't mind if you don't that it's a disaster down there.

I led you downstairs. You wore your new jeans. We swept off the tiny sofa and you sat, unbuckled my belt. Took my cock in your mouth.

Your bra was already off and I kneaded your breasts as you sucked me. Swallowed my cock eagerly, like you'd been starved for it.

I have you hold onto the back of the couch and you unbutton your jeans. They're down around your thighs and I'm inside you. You touch your pussy and I slap against your perfect ass. You come hard and I soon follow.

Our first basement romp. Maybe again tonight?

We really need to make our basement more comfortable. Last night after all guests were finally in bed we caught a few minutes in the couch. Those few minutes ended with me rubbing your cock through your jeans and you looking for a place for us to go. Outside is too cold. The bathroom is too close to sleeping people and what if they see us come out? Embarrassing.

The basement is dank but there is a shabby couch down there at least.

Anyway we didn't take in the setting much. I was shaking a little sitting on the couch while you freed yourself, hard and ready standing in front of me. I licked and sucked for just a few moments before you pulled me up and turned me around, hands on the back of the couch. You gripped my waist hard and pushed into me from behind while I pressed my fingers against my clit. Towards the end you moved one hand up to palm one breast.

I got there quickly and I think you were waiting for me because it was almost simultaneous. Your fingers tightened on my body as I could feel you pulsing inside me. Our clothes were still mostly on.

The basement was fine. I can't wait to get back to our bedroom though

Saturday, 23 March 2013


It's bedtime, I've had a few glasses of wine, and we missed last night because we don't have enough bedros for guests. I sure would like a guest room. Tonight again I wonder if I will reach over to hold your hand chastely again or if we will be driven to the basement for a little play.

By the time our house is our own again next week we will have built up a lot of steam. I hope that back in our bedroom you will lock the door and pull my clothes off and have me on my knees in front of you immediately. I can't wait to have my mouth around your cock again.

I love the mirror on the back of our door. Half embarrassed, half shameless, I know you will watch me swallow you deep, hold you still against the back of my throat.

I feel like I only really got good at giving head in the past few years. You have gotten more demanding, more instructive. I know just how you like it.

Guests make sex tricky. There are limited rooms with doors that lock. Even worse are whole floors where the gross pets threaten to get up in our biz-ness.

Tonight maybe we can sneak downstairs for a covert romp or some heavy making out in the living room, at least. I've been thinking about your new perfectly fitting jeans all evening. Your amazing ass is never far from my thoughts, in fact. I remember our first date when you wore a denim skirt that hugged your beautiful posterior so perfectly. When you were a server, you joked, customers would remark admiringly you're a "white girl with a black girl's ass!"

How right they were to drool over you, like I do. I'm hard just thinking about you and how much I'd like to get into your panties tonight. Maybe a quicky on the stairs. You usually let me have my way with you when I demand it and I feel demanding.

Friday, 22 March 2013


You're freshly steamed from the bath with your hair wet and tied back. On your stomach checking your phone. I'm still in my jeans. I straddle you, rub you down over your soft pajama pants and t-shirt. Then, eschewing foreplay, I tug your pajama pants down just enough and I'm inside you. You're wet, probably because of the suddenness that always seems to turn you on.

We had missed out on each other the night before so we were motivated to get to bed as early as possible. I was laying on my front on the bed, reading a book on my phone when you came in. You were unbuckling your belt as you locked the bedroom door and I put my phone down on the headboard but stayed where I was.

You petted me, your hand running down from my shoulder to the back of my knees. Suddenly you were jerking my pajama pants off in one movement. You pushed your jeans down and pressed me down with your body, wedging my legs open with one knee.

After a moments pause you shoved into me roughly, pushing my body up toward the headboard. I gasped, pushing back up against you. You palmed a breast through my t shirt, pressed my head down onto my folded arms. You gripped my ponytail hard while slamming into me. "I feel you getting tighter" you groaned, not slowing your pace. You slid an arm under me and cupped my pussy from the front. I was coming now, before my body even got used to your cock inside me.

You turned me over, working my shirt up under my arms, fingers and mouth on my breasts, crushing them to your face. I cupped them up to your mouth.

Your praised me for letting you help yourself, for letting you into my body whenever you need it. Your pace was increasing and you gloated about how I suck your cock and spread my legs whenever you tell me to. "Do you want me to suck your cock now?" I asked but you were already coming, I could feel you. Just a breath later I was coming, straining upward against you to wring every bit of friction I needed.

We're going to have a celibate weekend I expect, with our guests, but if this is how we make up for lost time, I'm looking forward to next week.

Thursday, 21 March 2013


Last night we slept apart so I was thinking through my archives.

I remember the moment I first touched your cock. We were only a few weeks into our relationship and we were trying not to rush into bed. We had been sitting side by side on that tiny couch I had in that little apartment in the west end of the city.  Suddenly, explosively, we were making out and our hands were all over each other on top of our clothes.

In an attempt to cool down for a minute I stood up, and you stood up close behind me and wrapped one arm around my waist, one hand splayed on my belly.

Without thinking, i reached behind and slid my hand down the front of your jeans. Your cock was so hard, achingly hard, and there was moisture beaded on the hair on your stomach. For a moment I explored your tight muscles there and then reached down and gripped your cock. You hissed a breath in surprise.  As I gripped you, your hand around my waist tightened, pressing my hand between my butt and your body.  You felt like smooth hot marble.  You slipped your hand upwards inside my shirt.

We stood frozen like that, your fingers pressed up against the bottom of my thin bra. My breasts ached for you to handle them.  Your face was scratchy against my neck and your cock was pulsing in my hand. I think I held my breath. 

That was the first time you fucked me.  Afterward, you asked me if I had climaxed. It was brief and fumbling, it was too dark and we were so worked up, it was over almost before it started but I did come, moments after you, unexpectedly, grinding up against your body while you panted against my hair.  My teeth pressed into the muscle of your upper arm.

That was in the days of condoms and you held the condom in your fingers as you slid out of me, shuddering.  I was glad that I had bought condoms even though you had told me you wanted to approach sex slowly.

External forces conspired against us this time.  Even when every day sex is the plan, it's not always our reality.  The only good thing about that is the natural build-up that happens when we're kept apart and the great, gushing relief when we can finally get back on the haywagon together.

Switching topics, one priority we must have is we've got to get you a new toy.  Your last vibrator was the classic, discreet little one that had a pleasant buzz and looked like a little personal massager, or maybe a bit like a Star Trek phaser: Next Gen.  
Nothing cock-like about it, really, but effective and travels well.  I love when you use it while I'm inside you, knowing we're experiencing the same pulsing vibrations.  And I can feel other pulses, deeper ones when you come.  Your pussy tightens around me rhythmically and it gets me off, too.  We've never made simultaneous orgasms a goal, but it's no rare occurrence for us. 

Back to the toy, it's a bit taboo, still, I think, for the man to enjoy the benefits of the vibrator, even with his partner.  But that makes it hotter.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013



I steeped in an ultra hot bath so I was warm, but you had goosebumps getting into bed. The sheets were chilly so you moved to my side where I had warmed the sheets, your heavy body laying almost on me. My hair was still half wet and tangled around your hands as you kissed my neck and worked my shirt up over my breasts. I sat half up to take it all the way off with you straddling me.

when you rose up over me to put your cock in my mouth, I wondered if my teeth scraped you.

It didn't seem to bother you.


We stay up way too late tweaking our new blog. How do we get two columns? What are the restrictions on what we say? We can say what city, right? We know this project is risky in some ways, but agree it's worth it. Sex is a huge part of our lives and maybe, in some way, sharing our experience can be valuable to other regular couples. That's not the real reason, though. Reflecting on sex is sexy, and it turns us on. It makes sex an even bigger part of our daily lives. That's the reason.

After we close the laptop, I find you in bed wearing a sexy silk top. Bottomless. I love the feeling of your nipples through the silk. Your erect nipples always make me hard. I remember touching them for the first time a decade ago. You always feel perfect to me. I knew you were perfect for me as soon as we met, and thank god you felt the same.

You're horny and close by the time we're in bed. The blog made your horny and wet, I imagine. I straddle you and you blow me. I fuck you on your back and you come easily. Then I turn you over and take you from behind, and I do the same.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

date night

Our coveted date night.  As usual, it's a snowstorm.  I think three out of the last four weekly dates have been blizzarding and, car-less, we venture out and find a place to have a cigarette and decompress.  You've chosen a "balanced" look of amazing, sexy transparent body suit with wool leggings that drive me crazy.  Overtop, your coziest, grandma sweater, as you call it.  I caught a peek of the underlayer when I popped my head into the bedroom early.  Sorry.  No, not sorry, it set my mood on fire ahead of time, so not sorry at all.

As we plow through the storm on foot, I am envisioning the freezing wind cutting right through your skirt and smacking your derriere.  It's hot to think about.  We joke you'll have your "winter bum" tonight.

Our restaurant destination (a treat, we actually have a modest budget tonight) is closed Mondays.  We surge forward, looking for the closest, coziest place.

I fear our plans, born from pillow talk the night before, to find a public place to fuck are going to be foiled.  The outdoors are definitely out.  And there's really no where that doesn't seem desperate within our 8-block radius.  In the past, we've found a couple hidden, appropriately private but not too private spots:  upstairs at a house party in an office; downstairs in the curtained-off stalls of a restaurant bathroom.

When we get home I tell you to keep your leggings on.  You're receptive to my instructions.  I explore your tight body suit, biting, sucking.  I direct you to remove the leggings.  You do.  I pull your shoulder straps and you ease out of the body suit.  Your pussy is still freshly groomed, not bare.  It seems like it must be so sensitive with only the soft, dark patch you left.

It was freezing out for our date night so I wore thigh high socks instead of wooly tights.  I lifted my skirt up and showed you a flash of my thigh while we were getting ready to go. I spend a lot of thought into dressing in clothes I think you will like, but it's self serving because nothing turns me on more than you, turned on.

When we were getting into bed I asked if I should take my socks off but you wanted them left on. I left my bodysuit on too. You bit my nipples through the lace before taking it off and I rolled the socks down and off too.

I love it when you treat my body like you are entitled to it. I love it when you undress me and help yourself to my hands, my tits, my pussy.

I came a few times. The first was such a relief. The sex started for me when I put those stockings on.