Monday, 1 July 2013

sexually starving

You got home from your trip and for hours I was aching to get your clothes off.  When we finally managed to get to bed, I had a cushion waiting for you, which was for you to kneel on while I got ready.  I had some plans in mind.

When I came in and locked the door, you were kneeling next to the bed, wearing your wonderful and sexy white nightgown.  You had gone without for four days, an incredible dry spell for you, and you hadn't had a moment to yourself in that time.  I said I would take care of you tonight, and you assented that was your desire as well.

I rubbed my hands along your nightdress, smoothing them over your back, and unhooked your bra and you removed it.  I stroked your bum through your panties and tugged them down and padded and stroked your bare ass, then pulled your panties back up.  In your absence I'd decided on some new developments for your submission.

You took my cock in your mouth as I explained them.  You nodded and made little agreeing sounds as you sucked slowly and I brought you up to speed.

1) We are going to try to find time every week for maintenance spankings.  You'll be spanked as a reminder to be a compliant and submissive wife, as you are and so desire to be.  You'll also be punished for little things, like losing your metro card.  Or for behaviour, if I so deemed you've been a brat, you'll be met with a stern palm to your heavenly backside, or perhaps a brush or, if the behaviour so warrants, a leather belt.

2) You'll have chores assigned to you.  For now, the fresh laundry will be folded by you before midnight.  The consequence for not doing so will be a stern spanking.

I made these decisions for us both and you will let me know if they aren't working for you and can opt our at any point, naturally.  I gathered from your enthusiastic responses that you welcom these new rules.

As we fucked, you came almost endlessly you seemed and I can't remember the last time you were so sensitive and your pussy so engorged.  We brought out a new toy you brought home, a little wired bullet vibrator, and tried that out.  We put the condoms and lubes you brought home aside for another day.

I notice you did your folding promptly this evening.  You were tempted to leave one sock unfolded, you said, but it looks like for today you completed your assignment.

God, I was sexually starving.  I'd been away, and sharing a hotel room at that.  We barely had a chance to talk to each other for days.  As soon as possible we headed upstairs.  You had a cushion on the floor for me and I was so eager to kneel as directed.

You had me suck you slowly while you talked.  You explained to me some new rules- some little arbitrary spanking/discipline rules for me to follow.  We have an incredibly equal relationship outside the bedroom.  The very idea of you bossing me around "in real life" is bizarre.  Your new plan about turning one little chore (folding laundry) into a sex game gave me pause.  I definitely crave sexual submission but I have no desire for any other kind of submission.  I'm a Lean In kind of feminist.
I was wearing my long white nightgown and good girl white cotton underthings.  You unhooked my bra but didn't touch my breasts.  You stroked your fingers over my panties but nothing direct.  My cunt was throbbing.  I cannot remember a time in my life when I wanted to be touched, pinched, kissed, licked, fucked so badly.  I was squirming and shifting and pressing my thighs together as I sucked and you talked.  Your cock was achingly hard and felt so good sliding across my tongue.  You oozed precome when you talked about my submission.

You made me come by finally touching my cunt with broad strokes of your fingers with your mouth on my breasts.  I wanted to cry, it was such a relief.  You shoved into me and it all felt so, so good.  Your mouth on my breasts especially was almost agonizingly good.  You talked a lot, saying beautiful, loving filthy things.

After we collapsed in a sweaty, orgasmic pile we talked.  We talked about sex, the delicious jealousy of seeing another person coming on to our partners, submissive games.  You left for the bathroom briefly and came back and we started over.  We tried out a new vibrator (may be TOO powerful!) and I came until my stomach muscles ached.  You came inside me, making tortured ragged noises in my ear while I lay on my front, savouring your hot, heavy weight on top of me.  We don't often have sex twice in a row like that.  I felt like I was gorging on my favourite food.  I don't remember falling asleep. 

Today you put some clean laundry (which, I will add, you washed and dried first) in the living room.  I looked at you meaningfully as I folded it.  Should I leave one thing unfolded for a little discipline?  I folded it all today.  Maybe I'll leave some tomorrow.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Man of Steel

What do you do when you find a sex position that works great, but you're not sure the name of it?  You want to have some way to signal your desire for said posture, but don't want to spoil the moment by grasping with descriptives and gestures and, "you know, the one we did the one time..."  Anyway, we discovered a sweet position starting in missionary and then I get on my knees and this provides the perfect angle.  You were hovering so close to orgasm as I knelt while inside you, it was beautiful to see.  Now you're on your trip this weekend and I miss you terribly, but we're both posting tonight anyway, so at least we have a virtual connection to last night's escapades, which were tender and intense all at once.  And that position?  We named it "Man of Steel."

We were looking down the barrel of a few nights apart again.  I wasn't sure if we'd get down to it at all, but It worked out in the end.  I had splashed myself with cool water but not actually showered.  I wandered around in  cotton pants, topless, starting some laundry and gathering things to pack.
When we were both finally in bed together you pulled me toward you.  Your skin felt warm against mine. I love the way your body hair feels against my skin.

You straddled me and I lubed up my hands to stroke you.  You pinched and tugged at my nipples while I stroked you with both hands.  You slid into me like that, warm and heavy on top of me.
Later, you sat up, knees on either side of me, swinging in and out of me, pulling at my body from the inside.

We named that specific position, one that's hard to explain.  We laughed about our name ("man of steel") as we were falling asleep.

I curled my bare cool front against your bare warm back and fell asleep easier than I thought I would.

I miss you.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

sleep debt

Our sleep debt is spiraling. It seems like we fall behind more every day.  When you came into bed I was staring at my phone trying not to fall asleep.  I felt like if I dozed off you'd never be able to wake me.  It was sticky hot in the bedroom and we had fans going.

You stripped out of your clothes and lay flat on the bed.  I ran my hands over your torso, scratching at your chest hair.  I took your half hard cock into my mouth, pumping a little with my hand.  I let my teeth scrape you a little and you made appreciative sounds.  You had one hand resting on the bed, palm up, lightly holding my breast as I leaned over you.

When you eased me onto my back, it was hard to climax.  I was so tired, it was like the muscles refused to quite get there.  It was such a flooding relief and I think you were holding back for me because you came right after.

We were both exhausted and when I came in you were nearly asleep. You roused and you went down on me and then I took you on your back, alternating shallow and deep motions.  Your orgasm came after being a little elusive, and then mine followed and we both collapsed, content.

Sunday, 23 June 2013


I slept on the floor in a sleeping bag last night.  That's not the pathetic part-- the pathetic part is how much I was longing to get in bed with you.  We have to catch up on sleep, and we have to catch up on time, we have to catch up on sex after last night.  We'll be apart for three nights this coming week and I am looking forward to the trip (some parts of it anyway) but I wish you could come with me.  Hotel sex in a city we don't visit often?  That would be amazing.

Maybe next year we can do some adult only traveling together instead of taking turns with these working trips going different directions.

Forces conspired against us last night, sadly.  I'm going to miss you terribly when you go on your trip.  Maybe we can fit in some dirty phone chatting, but even that seems unlikely as you'll have little opportunity.  Dirty photo swap?  Problem is, whenever I take photos of myself I stare weirdly into the lens and look creepy. Apparently, what I think of as sexy silhouette looks like me being a creeper/stalker sneaking up with ill-intent.  My self-taken photos just aren't that sexy.

Sexting?  Might be the best we got for later this week.

Friday, 21 June 2013

couldn't wait

I couldn't wait and knelt you over the bed and you shrugged your jeans down and I pulled you panties around your thighs.  You were turned on I could tell as my cock found you.  You rubbed your clit and I kneaded your breasts.  You shuddered and I could feel you pulsing around my cock.  I came not long after.  When I pulled out you sat on the bed and kissed and licked my cock, taking me in your mouth, carefully avoiding too much stimulation on my still-sensitive head.  I asked if you cared for a victory lap.  This time you shucked your jeans off and I licked and sucked your tits as you grinded on my thigh and after a brief minute or two you came again.

You were sliding your hand inside my shirt to rub my bare back as we were cleaning the kitchen up before bed.  Your hand was so warm and insistent, snaking around to my side.  We left what we were doing (incidentally those melon rinds we left out attracted fruit flies by morning) and hurried up the stairs.  You rained little pats on my jeans as I went up in front of you.  I did stop to use the washroom and brush my teeth.  When I came into the bedroom you were waiting for me.  You closed the door as soon as I was through it, and you pounced, your mouth on my neck as I was fumbling at my jeans button.

You turned me around and pressed my shoulders down to the bed, pushing my shirt up and my jeans and panties down.  I was glad I wasn't wearing a bra when you pushed into my cunt and palmed my breasts.  My arousal had spiked almost painfully when you slid into me and I used my fingers to help bring myself to orgasm.  It was intense, my eyes flashing open and my face muscles tight.  Your hands were steely on my tits and you came soon after me.   Your belly was warm against my back as you curled over me.  When you pulled out, I shivered and sat on the bed, intending to take my jeans off the rest of the way but your cock was so tempting in front of my mouth.  I took it between my lips gently.  I took my jeans off.

You lay over me, ever generous, and busied your mouth at my tits through my shirt, pressing your thigh against my cunt until I came again.

Thursday, 20 June 2013


We're running on fumes of sleep.  I fantasize about using the interfaith room at work to nap.  As I dragged myself up the stairs I knew I needed a bath but was desperate for sleep.  I aimed for a quick bath but while I was letting the conditioner soak into my hair I fell asleep.  I woke up with a start when my nose skimmed the water line.  The water had cooled.

You were waiting patiently and even as tired as I was, my body stirred at the sight of you sprawled and waiting on the bed.

Feeling receptive but too exhausted to chase orgasm I requested a little mechanical assistance and we pulled in our pal the little vibrator.*  I slipped it in, clicked it on, and we made out a bit, my cunt responding easily and automatically.   With a little lube you slid snugly in alongside the internal arm of the vibrator.  You were behind me at first, but that pushes the outside arm away from my clit where it is most direct, so you withdrew and some comfortable missionary got us both off.  I'm amazed we didn't just fall asleep then and there until the battery ran dead.

As always we laughed as we clicked through the 'other' settings of the vibrator that you have to cycle through to turn it off.  No matter how exhausted we were... we'd made it.

*We have used it not infrequently in the past few months- it's a WeVibe 3.

Sleepy?  Exhausted?  Still want to fuck?  Of course we do!  We grabbed some help from our vibrating pal and let technology do its wonders.  Hey, when you do it every day, or at least aspire to, a little lazycourse, as we've termed it, is expected and ever welcomed!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

broken doorbell

You were taking directions.  I was on my back, and you were at my feet.  I had you take my cock in your mouth, and I directed you to look up at me for my approval periodically as you worked you lips along my shaft.  There's something so hot about meeting you gaze as you swallow my cock with such devotion.

Then the sex took a comic or, possibly, tragic turn.  In my enthusiasm, I turned you over and while furiously whispering naughty suggestions into your ear, I made an impulsive move into your, um, rear entrance.  I guess it's best to knock first because after about 2 seconds you shut the whole thing down.

Not sure what I expected.  We were joking about it right away, fortunately, and I felt very sheepish.  No harm done, you assured me.

We had been out together, watching some bluegrass-ish music in a dive bar before walking home.

When we got home we went to bed as soon as we could.  I stripped off my clothes and took a flash-quick shower.  When I came in, hair up as you'd requested, you were ready to take charge.

You wanted me to look up at you.  This seems to really turn you on, for me to kneel over your lap and look up while I suck your cock.  You handled my breasts and fucked my mouth as I looked up at you.  "I think you know what I want next," you said when you were telling me how much you like me looking at you with my mouth full of cock.

Something went wrong- when you posed me on my knees and lined up behind me, rubbing and cupping my whole pussy, spreading my wetness all around.  As it turns out, I didn't know what you had wanted next.  I thought you wanted to dive right into my cunt.  You dove... not into my cunt. 

Without my intentional relaxing (and let's face it we usually go into the 'backyard' after drinking a little) it wasn't great.  As soon as I could find the words I ordered you out.  I was actually shaking from the combination of arousal, surprise and straight up pain.

I retreated abruptly to the washroom to splash some cold water on myself.  This is not a topic covered in first aid courses, and I have never treated myself for anal shock so that seemed the most prudent thing.  Within a few minutes I was fine, and came back into the room laughing to assure you nothing was permanently rent asunder.  Back in the bedroom you had freshened yourself up and were sitting up in bed, waiting with concern written all over your face. You were a bit hesitant after that, holding and kissing me gently. 

I asked you to fuck me.  (I wasn't specific where I wanted you to fuck me, but fortunately we were on the same page by now.)  You did.

The next day (only minor lingering soreness the next morning by the way) you were talking about our friend who has a broken doorbell, so you ring and ring standing outside his house before you finally text message him.  We burst out laughing.  Send a text next time!  I'd be happy let you in!