Monday, 17 June 2013


Bread and butter sex.  We didn't know how long we'd have and you got out the lube and got right to it after I eased up your t-shirt and kissed your nipples.  You asked if I wanted some lube and I did and you rubbed a couple drops along my shaft.  You're often very wet, but the lube is great for a quick start.  It just means midway we take a second to dry off or lose a bit of friction. 

I was inside you right away and the details are foggy but I think you came and then came again on top.  You've been on top more lately, the result of one of our posts, I think!  This blog is great because we take the time to articulate our needs.  We see how we view sex differently, focus on different aspects of it, and like the other night how my geeking out on my smartphone caused me to miss a striptease that you were initiating for me.  Kicked myself for that one.

I took a long bath and then came downstairs to join you on the couch.  I knew you'd like what I was wearing-- a worn, thin tshirt and leggings, nothing underneath.

We were exhausted but determined (that's been a real theme lately) and I climbed into bed with my t-shirt still on.  The leggings I stripped off.  You handled my breast through the t-shirt for a bit and then pushed it up to expose my tits.  I reached for the lube, intending to suggest a little double-solo (also known as "feeling lazy" in our house) but you had other things in mind.

I used my fingers slipped between our bodies to touch myself, bringing orgasm easily into reach.  We had both lubed up and we got right down to business.  Efficient but very satisfactory.

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