Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I lolled around on the couch in my long bright blue shirt and a very brief little pair of yellow panties.  I'd shaved and moisturised my legs in the bath and my wet hair was making the sheer shirt even more sheer.  I had a little bandeau bra on underneath.  You commented on my outfit, saying I should be doing a dance number in "Beach Blanket Bingo" and we had a very silly 60s dance break while you whistled some Austin Powers music.  You told me you like it when I shimmy, and that I should shimmy more. 
Upstairs I stripped off the shirt and bra and lay on top of the covers on my front, setting my alarm and plugging my phone in.  You ran a hand up the back of my leg to where the scalloped edge of my panties disappeared between my legs.  You stripped off, really aggressively touching me through my panties.  (I have to admit those are mostly "at home" panties because that fetching scalloped trim is itchy.)
I have a tiny fingerprint bruise on my upper arm from where you were holding me tightly in place when you came.

After our 60s dance party, I got you upstairs and out of your shirt-dress.  You looked so appetizing-as you lay on our bed on your stomach. I wanted to devour you as I groped your cunt through your panties and had my way your with you.

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