Friday, 21 June 2013

couldn't wait

I couldn't wait and knelt you over the bed and you shrugged your jeans down and I pulled you panties around your thighs.  You were turned on I could tell as my cock found you.  You rubbed your clit and I kneaded your breasts.  You shuddered and I could feel you pulsing around my cock.  I came not long after.  When I pulled out you sat on the bed and kissed and licked my cock, taking me in your mouth, carefully avoiding too much stimulation on my still-sensitive head.  I asked if you cared for a victory lap.  This time you shucked your jeans off and I licked and sucked your tits as you grinded on my thigh and after a brief minute or two you came again.

You were sliding your hand inside my shirt to rub my bare back as we were cleaning the kitchen up before bed.  Your hand was so warm and insistent, snaking around to my side.  We left what we were doing (incidentally those melon rinds we left out attracted fruit flies by morning) and hurried up the stairs.  You rained little pats on my jeans as I went up in front of you.  I did stop to use the washroom and brush my teeth.  When I came into the bedroom you were waiting for me.  You closed the door as soon as I was through it, and you pounced, your mouth on my neck as I was fumbling at my jeans button.

You turned me around and pressed my shoulders down to the bed, pushing my shirt up and my jeans and panties down.  I was glad I wasn't wearing a bra when you pushed into my cunt and palmed my breasts.  My arousal had spiked almost painfully when you slid into me and I used my fingers to help bring myself to orgasm.  It was intense, my eyes flashing open and my face muscles tight.  Your hands were steely on my tits and you came soon after me.   Your belly was warm against my back as you curled over me.  When you pulled out, I shivered and sat on the bed, intending to take my jeans off the rest of the way but your cock was so tempting in front of my mouth.  I took it between my lips gently.  I took my jeans off.

You lay over me, ever generous, and busied your mouth at my tits through my shirt, pressing your thigh against my cunt until I came again.

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