Monday, 1 July 2013

sexually starving

You got home from your trip and for hours I was aching to get your clothes off.  When we finally managed to get to bed, I had a cushion waiting for you, which was for you to kneel on while I got ready.  I had some plans in mind.

When I came in and locked the door, you were kneeling next to the bed, wearing your wonderful and sexy white nightgown.  You had gone without for four days, an incredible dry spell for you, and you hadn't had a moment to yourself in that time.  I said I would take care of you tonight, and you assented that was your desire as well.

I rubbed my hands along your nightdress, smoothing them over your back, and unhooked your bra and you removed it.  I stroked your bum through your panties and tugged them down and padded and stroked your bare ass, then pulled your panties back up.  In your absence I'd decided on some new developments for your submission.

You took my cock in your mouth as I explained them.  You nodded and made little agreeing sounds as you sucked slowly and I brought you up to speed.

1) We are going to try to find time every week for maintenance spankings.  You'll be spanked as a reminder to be a compliant and submissive wife, as you are and so desire to be.  You'll also be punished for little things, like losing your metro card.  Or for behaviour, if I so deemed you've been a brat, you'll be met with a stern palm to your heavenly backside, or perhaps a brush or, if the behaviour so warrants, a leather belt.

2) You'll have chores assigned to you.  For now, the fresh laundry will be folded by you before midnight.  The consequence for not doing so will be a stern spanking.

I made these decisions for us both and you will let me know if they aren't working for you and can opt our at any point, naturally.  I gathered from your enthusiastic responses that you welcom these new rules.

As we fucked, you came almost endlessly you seemed and I can't remember the last time you were so sensitive and your pussy so engorged.  We brought out a new toy you brought home, a little wired bullet vibrator, and tried that out.  We put the condoms and lubes you brought home aside for another day.

I notice you did your folding promptly this evening.  You were tempted to leave one sock unfolded, you said, but it looks like for today you completed your assignment.

God, I was sexually starving.  I'd been away, and sharing a hotel room at that.  We barely had a chance to talk to each other for days.  As soon as possible we headed upstairs.  You had a cushion on the floor for me and I was so eager to kneel as directed.

You had me suck you slowly while you talked.  You explained to me some new rules- some little arbitrary spanking/discipline rules for me to follow.  We have an incredibly equal relationship outside the bedroom.  The very idea of you bossing me around "in real life" is bizarre.  Your new plan about turning one little chore (folding laundry) into a sex game gave me pause.  I definitely crave sexual submission but I have no desire for any other kind of submission.  I'm a Lean In kind of feminist.
I was wearing my long white nightgown and good girl white cotton underthings.  You unhooked my bra but didn't touch my breasts.  You stroked your fingers over my panties but nothing direct.  My cunt was throbbing.  I cannot remember a time in my life when I wanted to be touched, pinched, kissed, licked, fucked so badly.  I was squirming and shifting and pressing my thighs together as I sucked and you talked.  Your cock was achingly hard and felt so good sliding across my tongue.  You oozed precome when you talked about my submission.

You made me come by finally touching my cunt with broad strokes of your fingers with your mouth on my breasts.  I wanted to cry, it was such a relief.  You shoved into me and it all felt so, so good.  Your mouth on my breasts especially was almost agonizingly good.  You talked a lot, saying beautiful, loving filthy things.

After we collapsed in a sweaty, orgasmic pile we talked.  We talked about sex, the delicious jealousy of seeing another person coming on to our partners, submissive games.  You left for the bathroom briefly and came back and we started over.  We tried out a new vibrator (may be TOO powerful!) and I came until my stomach muscles ached.  You came inside me, making tortured ragged noises in my ear while I lay on my front, savouring your hot, heavy weight on top of me.  We don't often have sex twice in a row like that.  I felt like I was gorging on my favourite food.  I don't remember falling asleep. 

Today you put some clean laundry (which, I will add, you washed and dried first) in the living room.  I looked at you meaningfully as I folded it.  Should I leave one thing unfolded for a little discipline?  I folded it all today.  Maybe I'll leave some tomorrow.

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  1. are you guys still around? i love this blog.